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How can you take control of driver risk?

Reducing the number of collisions and serious incidents should be the aim of any good driver safety strategy in an organisation, but how can you go about doing this in a way that will effectively reduce risk and sustain risk reduction over time? 

This month HSE Network continues our work alongside eDrivingSM to provide you with the tools you need to enact positive change within driver risk management in your company. 

Here is a sneak peek at the latest eBook from eDriving which looks at 10 Best Practices for Effectively Managing Driver Risk at work. 


1. Evolve from safety training to comprehensive driver risk management

Many organisations implement driver safety training but this is often done as a box-ticking exercise, with few real changes being made. 

One of the key changes you can make is to take a broader, more comprehensive view of the risks facing your drivers. This will allow you to analyse data insights, individual strengths, and weaknesses, and work out how to deliver the most effective coaching for your cohort. 


2. Kick-start a safety culture

Culture always seems to come up, but that is because it is so key in the world of work and it can determine whether employees return home safely at the end of every day. This is why incorporating driver risk management in the wider culture of the business is an important consideration. 

A safety culture goes beyond the minimum legal requirements by, for example, not just offering training once, or periodically, to risky drivers, but by actually helping to change the behaviour responsible for risky actions behind the wheel. Companies with a comprehensive safety culture may also extend a driver risk management programme to include other authorised drivers of company vehicles, such as family members.


Download the free eBook for the rest of the best practices! 

We are always privileged to collate a wealth of great resources on HSE Network. 

The 10 Best Practices for Effective Risk Management offered by eDrivingSM in their latest eBook provide practical steps that you can implement in your workplace. Steps that are also wide enough in scope to make a big difference to your driver safety record. 

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