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Health, Safety and Fire Administrator

Location: Newmarket
Last Updated: 3rd December 2020

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Overview of the job

This is a non-operational specialist role based within establishments and line managed via the Senior Health Safety and Fire Advisor within the PSP (North/South/LT&HS) HSF&L Team.

The role supports national plans and systems for the effective management of HSF risk through the provision of first line monitoring and support for establishment(s) and by the co-ordination and operation of relevant establishment(s) administration and management systems.

There are no line management responsibilities.


The job holder will co-ordinate HSF management systems within identified establishment(s) in line with national policy, arrangements and standards.

The post is the liaison and co-ordination point for health, safety and fire management in establishment(s), providing first line advice, information, administration, training and support to the SMT, managers, staff, prisoners, contractors and visitors. The job holder will undertake the role, having access to all work areas, plant and equipment within the establishment.

The post holder will report to the Senior HS&F Advisor in the regional HSF Team. Support for other establishments in the region may be required on an ad hoc basis as required by the Senior HS&F Advisor, Principle HSF&L Advisor and/or the Head of Health, Safety, Fire and Litigation (North/South/LT&HS).

Responsibilities, Activities and Duties

The job holder will be required to carry out the following responsibilities, activities and duties:

Health, Safety & Fire

  • The administration and management of accident, assault, near miss and fire incidents on the Sphera system.
  • Responsible for the ongoing quality assurance of information, statements and records relating to these incidents that are uploaded to Sphera, including an annual validation programme agreed by the Principle HSF&L Advisor, Head of HSF&L and national policy section(s).
  • To advise and support Managers in the completion of Sphera accident/near miss Investigations and daily occupiers fire safety checks for all buildings within establishments.
  • The administration and management of the DSE training and assessment software system; undertaking individual DSE assessments for acute cases and advising Managers when ergonomic assessments are necessary in complex cases.
  • The administration and management of alternative footwear queries following the national hierarchy.
  • The management, monitoring and review of the establishment HS&F Continuous Action Plan.
  • To provide initial support and guidance to Managers and Staff on all HS&F matters.
  • To notify the Governing Governor of any dangerous conditions requiring immediate action.
  • To complete and record a monthly compliance check for all RPE sets held within the establishment.
  • Responsible for the production, review and monitoring of Building Fire Risk Assessments (BFRAs) within the relevant establishments. Documents must be current and recorded on the approved format. Remedial action plans must be developed, kept current, raised and discussed at the appropriate levels (Governor, HSF&L Sponsor, SMTs, Service Delivery Managers etc.).
  • To complete the RSET/ASET and Pre Release Movement Times (PRMT) for all Residential Buildings within the establishment.
  • To complete the PHASE Checklists or equivalent reports in draft for the Senior HS&F Advisor to supplement and validate in accordance with the national reporting timetable.
  • To undertake Fire Incident Investigations, record findings on Sphera and provide recommendations to the Responsible Person.
  • To conduct frequent and regular safety tours of the establishment as part of a quality assurance process; where possible in conjunction with establishment Head of Functions, Managers and Union H&S representatives.
  • To complete an establishment Monthly Assurance Report for the Senior HS&F Advisor to supplement and validate prior to being submitted to the establishment SMT and Principle HSF&L Advisor.
  • To routinely conduct quality assurance inspections of all TFM related HS&F matters i.e. Asbestos; Legionella and Fire Safety.
  • To advise and support Managers in the completion of the following:

o Safety Tours o Sphera o DSE Training o Daily Occupiers Fire Checks o Hot and Cold debriefs for HS&F Incidents o Establishment HS&F documentation and information o Compliance with HS&F policy and procedures

  • Refer potential RIDDOR incidents to the relevant functional manager and to the PSP (North/South/LT&HS) HSF&L Team, and where agreed to submit RIDDOR incidents to the HSE.
  • To submit Planet FMs or New Work Requests and EIPs for all unsafe conditions that are identified and highlighted through the completion of BFRAs and to encourage all staff to actively report unsafe acts and conditions.
  • To routinely monitor via the People Hub the establishment sickness and attendance absence cases for RIDDOR and days lost due to accidents.
  • To routinely monitor via the People Hub the establishment planning, coordination and effectiveness of Immunisation Clinics.
  • To routinely monitor via the People Hub the establishment compliance with the First Aid assessment of need.
  • To routinely monitor via the People Hub the establishment compliance with Initial and Refresher RPE Training to national requirements and standards.
  • To routinely monitor the production and distribution of the Establishment Arson List.
  • To routinely monitor and support the People Hub in the organisation, delivery and maintenance of records of RPE Training to all operational personnel; and to be a member of a team of establishment RPE trainers delivering RPE training at other locations.
  • To routinely monitor the adequacy of HS&F Contingency Planning and to assist those responsible with the development and testing of HS&F contingency plans.
  • To routinely monitor for any changes in Plant, Premises and Processes within the establishment, ensuring this is raised with the Functional Manager and the Senior HS&F Advisor where necessary.
  • To routinely monitor People and Business Hub data to ensure the records maintained for HS&F are accurate.
  • To advise and support Managers in the completion and maintenance of national and local risk assessments and the risk assessment process.
  • To advise and support Managers in the completion of Managers Workplace Inspections and Safety Tours.
  • To advise and support Managers in the completion of Fire Evacuation Exercises, assist managers in the recording of the event and dissemination and sharing of lessons learnt.
  • To advise and support Managers in the completion of Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) for all persons within the establishment as necessary.
  • To support the Senior HS&F Advisor who will interpret and present enforcement reports to SMT, Health, Safety, Fire and Litigation (HSF&L) Committee and draft and seek approval for suitable action plans and report on progress against these plans to SMT and HSF&L Committee via PSP (North/South/LT&HS) HSF&L Team.
  • To support establishments in maintaining a sufficient number of RPE sets on site so that the HMPPS Cell fire SSOW can be effectively implemented.
  • To provide support to the Governor and Senior HS&F Advisor in the planning and follow-up of senior management safety tours.
  • To assist with the identification of training needs and reporting identified needs via functional managers and PSP (North/South/LT&HS) HS&F team.
  • With the Senior HS&F Advisor act as the establishment point of contact for internal auditors and enforcement bodies.
  • To assist and support the planning and co-ordination of scheduled visits from enforcement bodies e.g. CPFIG/HSE audits in liaison with the Senior HS&F Advisor and PSP (North/South/LT&HS) HSF&L team.
  • The organisation of familiarisation visits with the local Fire and Rescue Service to monitor operational procedures, maintenance of water supplies and access for fire service vehicles.
  • To monitor progress of the CPFIG Action Plan highlighting significant concerns to the establishment HS&F Sponsor.
  • The preparation and management of HS&F promotional campaigns and newsletters.
  • To have regular liaison with the Senior HS&F Advisor on progress and issues within establishment.
  • To have regular liaison with the Health, Safety and Fire Sponsor on progress and issues within establishment.
  • To have frequent liaison with Establishment Heads of Function (including Security and Safer Custody) to ensure there are no conflicts of interest developing on matters relating to HSF risk.
  • To have regular liaison with the PSP (North/South/LT&HS) HSF&L team, to ensure that Directorate and national priorities and actions for HS&F are fed into relevant establishment management forums and processes and to highlight progress and concerns.
  • Frequent liaison with the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) to facilitate the implementation of the local establishment fire contingency plans in association with the FRS operational firefighting procedures.
  • To attend the Directorate and PSP (North/South/LT&HS) Safety Practitioner’s Team meeting and establishment meetings as necessary.
  • To deliver HSF&L training for the establishment, including:

HS&F Induction for all new or transferring staff, on-site contractor staff and sub-contractors and other third parties as appropriate in line with national Health and Safety Arrangements.

Local Fire Marshall Training.

To ensure the provision of other relevant training at first line level such as stress awareness, principles of risk assessment, accident reporting etc.

  • Assist Regional Litigation Teams in the collation of relevant information and documentation including risk assessments, accident reporting/investigation, photographs etc.
  • Assist the Senior HS&F Advisor to disseminate litigation learning within the relevant establishments via discussions with Governors, HSF&L Sponsors, SMTs and through wider training and briefings.

The duties/responsibilities listed above describe the post as it is at present and is not intended to be exhaustive. The job holder is expected to accept reasonable alterations and additional tasks of a similar level that may be necessary. Significant adjustments may require re-examination under the Job Evaluation Scheme and shall be discussed in the first instance with the job holder.


Please refer to Job Description


We’ll assess you against these behaviours during the selection process:

  • Changing and Improving
  • Communicating and Influencing
  • Managing a Quality Service
  • Working Together

Technical skills

We’ll assess you against these technical skills during the selection process:

  • Applicant must have, or commit to work towards, the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety
  • Applicant must have, or commit to work towards, the HMPPS Fire Risk Assessment certificate and Technician membership of the Institution of Fire Engineers


  • Access to learning and development
  • A working environment that supports a range of flexible working options to enhance your work life balance
  • A working culture which encourages inclusion and diversity
  • A civil service pension
  • Annual Leave
  • Public Holidays
  • Season Ticket Advance

For more information about the recruitment process, benefits and allowances and answers to general queries, please click the below link which will direct you to our Candidate Information Page.

Link: https://justicejobs.tal.net/vx/candidate/cms/About%20the%20MOJ

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