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NEBOSH qualifications explained: Diplomas, Certificates, Awards and Masters

For many health and safety professionals who aspire to make their mark in the field, it can be beneficial to have health and safety qualifications to improve their employability skills. NEBOSH stands for The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health.

They are a UK-based organisation that provides training and qualifications in health and safety. Getting NEBOSH qualifications sorted can really make you stand out when it comes to finding your next job in health and safety. 


What levels of qualifications are offered by NEBOSH?

NEBOSH offers a comprehensive range of awards depending on the level of health and safety training you need. Some of the more complex/in-depth qualifications will need those undertaking to have a good knowledge of current health and safety best practices.


NEBOSH awards are the entry level qualifications that provide a good grounding in health and safety best practice. They are good if you are in an environment where your role requires you to actively be considering health and safety in the workplace.


Certifications in NEBOSH are good for those working at a managerial or supervisory level in their workplace.  They are a good starting point if you are entering a career in health and safety


NEBHOSH diplomas are professional level qualifications that are for those looking to advance their career in health and safety


Masters are degree-level qualifications for those who want to advance their health and safety knowledge to a degree that they are comfortable imparting their knowledge onto others


Where can I take these Qualifications?

Having a well-qualified workforce will not only benefit them through increased employability, it will also improve the health and safety practices within your business.

Currently the University of Hull is offering masters level qualifications and further information on the other methods of learning can be browsed on the Nebosh website.

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