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Republic of Ireland HSE Executive looks to graduates to fill public-health positions

Those who are graduating into the workforce in 2020 have had somewhat of a bumpy ride having to contend with a global recession, pandemic, and lockdown. All this added stress has not only damaged the mental and physical health of many, but it has also put a hold on career progression for many young people who would have been looking to get into the workforce. 


Graduates and college students are being approached for positions 


Whilst the pandemic has reduced the demand for some industries, others have flourished. The HSE Executive has launched a campaign looking to target public health-trained students and new graduates to increase the capacity of contact tracing to try and help control and stop the spread of coronavirus. 


Qualified members of the public are being urged to apply for various positions including tracing, testing, and swabbing. The HSE is ‘actively exploring suitable job-ready candidates’ to fill public health vacancies over the next days and weeks.  The drive is continuing to try and help prepare for the spike in COVID-19 cases in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. The added preparation is seen as a way to prepare for the potentially dangerous situation of having COVID-19 and the flu hitting at the same time. 


Securing health and safety roles may be crucial in the coming months 


With the pandemic and lockdown hitting earlier in the year, many workers across the British Isles have had to take up new positions in roles across various sectors that have seen a surge in demand including health-care, supermarkets, and delivery services. 


The drive by the HSE Executive in the Republic of Ireland illustrates the need and demand for health and safety-related positions remains high. As a result, finding a job in health and safety remains a realistic and attractive proposition for many of those entering the workforce in this troubling and difficult time. 

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