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What are the options out there when it comes to driver safety software?

Driver safety is an area that often does not get the attention it deserves in the wider health and safety sphere. Many feel that it does not come under the remit of traditional safety managers which is one of the reasons why so many different sectors of the organisation get involved in decision making in the area. 

 Data is crucial when it comes to driver safety and whilst it is important it needs to be implemented in the right way. This is where the proper driver safety software comes in. 

Here we summarise some of the key options out there when it comes to driver safety software, the types of solutions available and how it will help you save lives in your organisation. 


Driver risk monitoring software

Risk monitoring is crucial within the field of driver safety as it is in the wider health and safety sphere. Monitoring the risk associated with potential drivers is a big issue and in some ways it can be difficult to identify problem drivers. 

Driver risk management software helps you identify at-risk drivers in many cases with access to license status, restrictions, suspensions, expirations and revocations. This is crucial information and is important if you are looking to safeguard your drivers and ensure you are protected from a legal perspective. 

In many cases, this type of driver safety software will provide risk ratings for drivers that will provide you with a holistic view of the workers in your fleet and who may require intervention or some coaching depending on the seriousness of the risk rating. 


Driver telematics software 

One type of driver safety software that helps safeguard your driver and vehicles are driver telematics. These can track variables for your vehicles including speed, acceleration and the overall safety of the drivers. This is a good type of software if you want to track the performance of your drivers with a live feed of information that can help you make decisions on the fly. 


Fleet management software

Fleet management software is a type of driver safety software that covers the full management of the fleet within a company. With it you can rapidly identify and address systemic fleet inefficiencies, vehicle down-time causes and fuel inefficiencies with the help of specialized fleet management systems like CameraMatics. This type of driver safety software can help manage the distribution of vehicles and track them through GPS monitoring. 


Driver coaching 

In addition to technology solutions, driver coaching can also be integrated within a wider driver safety software programme to help initiate real change within an organisation. Coaching drivers help to instill good behaviours which will improve their driving both within and outside the organisation. 

In our interview with Nick List of eDriving we talked about driver safety, why it is so important and how education can be used to enact real change for drivers in your company. 



Driver coaching can give drivers the knowledge they need to drive safely and many professionals encourage the inclusion of some healthy competiton between drivers through various metrics to try and drive engagement and uptake throughout the business. 


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Whilst driver safety is not very high on the agenda of many health and safety professionals, it is an area of safety that many companies get caught out by. The proper management of driver safety will help save the lives of your employees and the wider public. 

HSE Network is passionate about driver safety and is privileged to work with various partners within the sector. If you want to find out more about driver safety software feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.

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