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HSE Network exists to help drive a long term reduction in the number of workplace incidents and fatalities. We believe improvements in HSE will happen quicker if we all collaborate with each other and share best practice and real-world experiences.

The HSE Network will be creating and delivering:

  • Thought leadership content
  • Video interviews with industry leaders
  • Research and case studies
  • Industry surveys
  • Health and safety podcasts
  • News and Insights

HSE Network is the platform to support you and your current projects. Because standards, legislation, procedures and technology progress quickly across countries all over the globe the HSE Network keeps you in touch 24/7 with all things HSE so we can unite to break through the HSE plateau.

To support HSE individuals in their roles whether that is to access knowledge, seek guidance or simply by keeping up to date with the latest in HSE developments.
HSE Network is committed to supporting best practise and aid in global HSE improvement.

The HSE Network has been set up and created by Paul Clark, the organiser of the HSE Global Series, with a clear objective in mind.

For many years the event series has been in high demand along with a growing desire to be able to network with likeminded HSE individuals around the globe to share knowledge and support in global HSE improvement.

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Become a HSE Network Member

Become a HSE Network Member

Join and be part of a growing network of more than 3,000 HSE Professionals and experts in the field of Health and Safety who are helping to improve best practise and knowledge around the world.

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"The HSE Global Series events so energising"

I can honestly say that I think you are driving a new conversation in the HSE that should be celebrated for its pioneering approach. Your challenging the established ways of traditional safety and you should be proud of what you’re doing. I find these events so energising. Leading safety in traditional engineering organisations can massively test your resilience, so the opportunity to network with colleagues (who don’t think your insane when banging on about Safety Differently) is essential to my mental wellbeing! I also have to pay particular kudos to you for enabling access to Nebosh and the content of the future diploma format. For me that will lay the foundation to ensure future safety leaders aren’t indoctrinated into the traditional narrative of accident triangles. Please keep doing what you’re doing…it makes a difference!

Richard Brookes

Richard Brookes

Head of Safety & Assurance - Babcock International Group

"It was great to get my HSE questions answered"

Loved it. I’ve been sharing some of the questions pondered, I’ve been in contact with people that I’ve met at the event and arranged follow up discussions. It’s the best/most useful 2 days I spend in the year as it inspires me for what I’m going to do next.

Claire Warman

Claire Warman

UK HSE Manager - Linxon

“Something must be going well if everyone is smiling!”

Something must be going well if everyone is smiling – if you aren’t having fun it is time to do something else! Try #hseglobalseries to inject fun into the serious subject of keeping people healthy and safe!

Andy Barker

Andy Barker

General Manager Group HSE, - Rezayat Group

"We had a great VR Technologies roundtable session"

It generated interesting insights and views on the impact of virtual technologies while exploring industry use cases and possible associated areas of risks. Training and task augmentation were a constant theme, with the cost in time to create applications seen as a worth-while investment and a pressing business case going forward. Sharing and discussing ideas with EHS professionals who are on the ground, certainly provides great vision on how software providers need to consider the positive and negative impact that technology can deliver and the real influence it brings in saving lives.

Rob Leech

Rob Leech

Product Development Director - Airsweb

"Would I recommend the events to my peers? absolutely no problem at all"

What I like most about the HSE congress is the quality of the delegates, I like the informal atmosphere and the ability to mingle in a very nice social way with everybody including you guys who organise it. 

Would I recommend the events to my peers? absolutely no problem at all 

Andy Shiach

Andy Shiach

Director - Advanced Communication Solutions Ltd

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