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Content Ambassadors and Health and Safety Experts

HSE Network is about connecting experts in health and safety with those who are looking to learn more about the profession. With our partners at the HSE Global Series, we work alongside key minds not only in health and safety but also in other spheres. Some of the notable members of our advisory board include: Sir Clive Woodward, Erik Hollnagel, Ron Gantt, Ruth Denyer, and John Green.

Health and Safety Advisory Members

Our Content Ambassadors also form part of the HSE Global Series & Association Partners and have been selected by HSE Network to support the direction of our content, provide us with industry-leading insights, and to provide an ear to the ground on what the community wants and needs. Our content providers give you the content and thought leadership to develop your skillset and perform within your health and safety job role.

The HSE Network sources experts from a variety of different fields with knowledge drawn from academic, sporting, and professional backgrounds. The health and safety content ambassadors also come from a variety of industries, with members from construction, oil and gas, and the governing bodies like IOSH and NEBOSH.

Phil Walker
Global HSE Director
Kongsberg Automotive Group

Phil Walker is the Global HSE Director for Kongsberg Automotive Group. With over 30 years experience in the automotive industry Phil is an expert in the field of HSE and is a Qualified Lead Auditor of Safety, Quality and Enviromental Management Systems.

Phil’s other areas of experience in health and safety include ISO, quality management, ocupational health, lean manufacturing and OSHA.

Duncan Spencer
Head of Advice and Practice Systems

Duncan Spencer is head of advice and practice systems as IOSH, Duncan has a wealth of experience in a wide variety of EHS fields, and currently works at one of the most respected professional bodies in the field of health and safety.

Duncan is recognised as one of the top thought leaders in ocupational health and safety. We are always priviliged to have Duncan talk at our HSE Congresses.

Robert Sheniger
Vice President of Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability
Talos Energy

Robert Sheninger is the Vice President of Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability at Talos Energy. Robert has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry and is a seasoned health and safety professional.

Robert provides insight into the health and safety of the oil and gas industry with over 25 years of experience in fields including manufacturing and biopharmaceuticals.

RIchard Hoffman
Director of HSEQ

Richard Hoffman is the Director of HSEQ at VoltaGrid and is the leader of health and safety within the organisation. Richard has a wealth of experience in the oil and gas industry in addition to highly relevant practical knowledge around health and safety.

Some of RIchard’s key skills include ocupational health, accident investigation, enviromental awareness and enviromental management systems.

Ruth Denyer
Director of Studio Safety

Ruth Denyer is the Director of Studio Safety ITV. Ruth has driven a culture of risk ownership through the business seeing a change in the company’s approach to operational risk through a number of key initiatives.

Some of the key skills that Ruth brings to the HSE Network focus around risk management, risk assessments, safety management systems and accident investigation.

Donavan Hornsby
Vice President of Business Development and Innovation

Donavan Hornsby has over 19 years overseeing the business development of Gensuite’s health and safety solutions. In addition to this extensive experience Donavan also offers support with the HSE Network on both written and video content.

Donavan Hornsby’s academic credentials include an MBA from Louisville University and an undergrad degree from Depauw University. The main knowledge base of Donavan focus around technological health and safety solutiions and health and safety wearables.

Gareth Mullen
Head of Safety, Health and Well-being
Thames Water

Gareth Mullen is a content partner with experience as both a health and safety professional and occupational health. In addition to this experience, Gareth also has specialist experience in mental health and heads up the well-being of Thames Water.

Gareth has contributed to the HSE Network in the form of video content and written articles and is one of our key experts when it comes to mental health in the workplace.

In addition to the health and safety experience, Gareth also has spent time working on strategies and procedures throughout organisations.

Lawrence Waterman
British Safety Council

Lawrence Waterman has delivered talks for the HSE Network and has extensive top-level experience in managing health and safety within many companies. His position at the British Safety Council gives Lawrence a unique perspective.

In addition to his health and safety professional experience, Lawrence holds a Master’s Degree in Occupational Hygiene. Lawrence has also had experience with the IOSH Council.

Nick Anagnostou
Vice President of HSSE
KBR, Inc.

Nick Anagnostou is a senior health and safety practitioner with extensive knowledge of the field. With over 20 years of senior health and safety management experience, Nick is a reliable content partner for the Network.

The knowledge base of Nick focuses around the implementation of health and safety processes and the use of predictive analytics in the workplace. Other specialisms include oil, gas, and construction.