James Pomeroy | Lloyd’s Register | Emergency Communication in Health and Safety

James Pomeroy | Lloyd's Register | Emergency Communication in Health and Safety (Workshop #6)


“We wanted to create a pride in what our key workers do” – James Pomeroy


Emergency communication is a subject we have all in some way had to get familiar with over the past few months, and in today’s podcast, we bring you the workshop from James Pomeroy of Lloyds Register. The episode was first aired at the HSE Virtual Series Congress and covers 4 key ways that Lloyds Register has changed their communication when it comes to health and safety.

James Pomeroy has been a content partner with the Network for a number of years and we are always privileged to welcome his thoughts to the community.

Key Takeaways 

  • focus on instilling pride throughout your employees
  • address any fears and concerns they might have
  • ensure the right controls are applied

If you enjoy this podcast the workshop from Sarah Brummit also looks at communication and why it is becoming so crucial to health and safety throughout the challenges of COVID-19.  Our separate interview with James also looked at management systems and the effect of safety programs.