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Overcoming Addiction in the Workplace | Michaela Wain and Paul Clark

Paul Clark and Michaela Wain on Coping with Addiction, Spirituality, and Drug Abuse in the Workplace | (Bonus Episode)


“I think we should love away from penalising people that use in the workplace” – Paul Clark

Today we bring you special access to the HSE Network interview between Paul Clark and Michaela Wain. This podcast takes a very different tone from our other interviews as we listen to the story of addiction that our Director, Paul Clark, Battled in his early and current career.

Our thanks go out to Apprentice Contestant, Michaela Wain, for being part of this discussion with paul and offering insight into how she manages her teams and her own experiences and views on addiction.

Key Points: 

  • what can employers do to help workers with addiction?
  • how being present and mindfulness can help those with addiction
  • The causes of addiction and what can be done to prevent them

Included in the podcast is a debate about whether we should penalise workers who are using, and the perspectives of both a worker and employer who have experienced the issue in workplaces.

Paul touches on some ideas around mindfulness, but a more thorough look at the subject can be found in the podcast between Dan Gregory and Paul Clark.