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Where health and safety is going wrong with sleep | Dr Neil Stanley

Why 8 hours of sleep is a myth and where the health and safety industry is going wrong with sleep | Dr Neil Stanley


The idea that you need 8 hours of sleep is a myth, and today we dive into that myth with renowned sleep expert Dr. Neil Stanley.

With Neil, we discuss the 8-hour myth in sleep as well as how Neil helps companies with their employee’s sleep. Neil talks us through some of his previous experiences and experiments within the sleep research field in addition to where he feels the health and safety profession may be going wrong when it comes to incorporating sleep into the wider well-being sphere.

With Neil, we also touch on the potential dangers of non-expert sleep advice and his feelings on the ‘sleep advice industry’ that may be doing more harm than good when it comes to helping people.

This is a good discussion if you want to find out more about the kind of methods that some companies have used to optimise sleep and therefore look after the well-being of their workers.