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The Business Case for EHS Regulatory Content Platforms

Achieve cost savings with EHS regulatory content platforms


The increased volume, variety, and velocity of EHS regulations creates a significant compliance challenge for organizations – especially those with a global footprint. Tracking new and pending legislation can be a costly and complex process; while also being an inconsistent one, where non-compliance is met with penalties.

Above and beyond the usual financial and reputational implications, there are considerable human capital costs associated with EHS&S regulatory monitoring. These are made up of employee hours lost to monitoring regulations, deciphering requirements, and assessing applicability to your business. If more sophisticated regulatory monitoring solutions were in place, these employee hours could be leveraged for more pressing and strategic ESG and EHS issues facing a business. And that’s not counting other costs associated with running your EHS compliance program: legal fees, consultant costs, and software considerations to name a few.

Despite knowing and experiencing this firsthand, EHS leaders have difficulty making a strong case in favor of environmental management software and regulatory compliance databases. Advocating new investments can be challenging even for the most seasoned EHS leaders.

In this report, co-authors from RegScan and ERM discuss four ways that online regulatory platforms and subscription models can help to simplify and strengthen compliance and deliver better EHS and ESG outcomes. Download your copy today!   



The Business Case for EHS Regulatory Content Platforms