05th Jun, 2020
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Sir Clive Woodward | Why leadership is crucial in lockdown

Today we bring you the interview between Sir Clive Woodward and Paul Clark from the HSE Virtual Series in April. Sir Clive talks through some of the steps he has taken with his team to improve the overall sense of wellbeing and mitigate the challenges that Coronavirus has put on its operations.

The focus is on the need for relevant communication between employees and managers to ensure there is no sense of complete isolation from each other.

The full interview is available in this week’s HSE Network podcast.

About Sir Clive Woodward

Sir Clive Woodward has been working with the HSE Network on a number of projects this year and is one of the key content ambassadors for the platform. In addition to his status as a world cup winning coach, Sir Clive also works on a consulting basis for firms on various subjects like leadership, management, and team building. Sir Clive’s ‘Hive Learning’ is also a business that looks to promote learning in the workplace.


Clive Woodward

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