11th May, 2021
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Why you need to control the triple threat of Distraction, Speeding, Fatigue in your fleet | eDriving

In the latest edition of the podcast, HSE Network sits down with eDriving’s Managing Director Andy Cuerden and their Customer Success Director for Europe Nick List.

The podcast covers the dangers associated with the triple threat of Distraction, Speeding and Fatigue, which are all factors that could be putting drivers and commuters in your company at risk.

Key takeaways:

• Speeding, according to the World Health Organization, contributes to around 30% of road deaths in high-income countries and around 50% in some low and middle-income countries.

• Fatigue is thought to contribute to around one in five car crashes

• if we look at distraction, drivers using a mobile phone are around four times more likely to crash

Together with Global Road Safety Partnership, we’ve just launched a new Triple Threat campaign, which includes three dedicated resource centres on our website – one each for Speeding, Distraction and Fatigue. Each resource centre includes an infographic about that behaviour, as well as eBooks, webinars, articles and more.

And, in support of UN Global Road Safety Week, which takes place 17-23 May, and is this year focused on speed, we are actually offering a free of charge speeding eLearning module for drivers, as well as hosting a website with Global Road Safety Partnership about managing speeding in the workplace. Details of both can be found in the Speeding Resource Centre at www.edriving.com.


About the Guests

Nick List is the Customer Success Director for Europe, eDriving and works with clients to understand their needs when it comes to increasing the safety of their fleet. If you have any questions for Nick please feel free to reach out to him at [email protected].

Nick List


Andy Cuerden is the Managing Director of eDriving and has extensive experience in the driver safety field. Andy has been working with eDriving’s CEO and founder Ed Dubens since 1994 and was instrumental in the initial technical development of Virtual Risk Manager (VRM).

Andy Cureden

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