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3 benefits of adopting a connected safety management system

Getting the most out of a new digital safety management can be challenging if it is not fully connected with your business and management processes.

If you are trying to capture data that can offer solutions for how safety can be improved unless it is pooling information from all parts of the system you could be losing valuable insights.

Here are 3 benefits of adopting a safety management system that is both data-driven and connected throughout.


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1. One source of data means better decision making

If you only have to go to one source to evaluate your data, it cuts down on administrative time dramatically. But having insight in real time is paramount as well and provides your leadership team with quality information to make more informed decision as they understand the data far quicker and more intelligently. This leaves you and your leadership team more time to make better decisions by really taking the time to understand the data and what it shows.


2. More data gives better opportunities for machine learning

 In addition to the better decision-making opportunities, the larger and more frequent collection of data means there is more information that can be fed into machine learning systems. This could open up a whole new perspective from which you can make better safety decisions.



3. Better management of compliance

 Compliance is very important in safety and if you have to audit multiple digital platforms and paper-based documents then you could be taking up a lot of time that could be more efficiently used. Having your safety data within one platform will help you achieve compliance and reduce the time you have to spend checking your current processes.


Find out how to get these benefits in an upcoming webinar

HSE Network is proud to offer support to EcoOnline and an upcoming webinar hosted by EHS product experts Rob Leech and Dermot Dinan that looks at what the true value of a data-driven connected safety management platform is and the positive impact this can have on your companies EHS safety culture now and in the future.


Title: What’s the true value of a connected data-driven safety management platform?

Webinar Date: 22 June 2021

Time: 11:00-11:45


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