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Assisted Reality in Action: Watch Videos from Fugro, Goodyear & 5G City First Responders to Experience the Benefits

Assisted reality (aR) is revolutionising industry. Connecting front-line and remote workers to the information needed, workforces are being engaged, empowered, and elevated. And all without compromising on safety. Find out how by watching our hand-picked RealWear customer case study videos from Fugro, Goodyear and 5G City First Responders.



Fugro Drives Customer Satisfaction with RealWear HMT-1

 Fugro collaborated with RealWear’s partner VR Expert to deploy the RealWear HMT-1 to their entire fleet. Using Remote Expert software, Fugro can establish a real-time video and audio connection between on-site operators and office clients or experts.

Fugro workers can now operate more quickly, with instant access to expertise and knowledge – furthering customer satisfaction and optimising resources to create a positive impact on the environment and their bottom line.



Goodyear Drives Remote Collaboration with RealWear and Teams During Pandemic

 “Before we’d need two days of travel to send an engineer to a plant. Using RealWear and Teams, we can troubleshoot days faster and save thousands of dollars on each trip. I anticipate that our engineers will travel considerably less because of the tools.”

 – Dallas Olson, VP of Global Manufacturing and Engineering.



First Responders 5G Smart City – Featured with HMT-1 and Qualcomm

 This last use case video was produced for the Qualcomm Smart Cities event, showcasing how the RealWear HMT-1 can support fire and EMS field teams by providing two-way video communication and assisted reality data to access building maps – allowing users to “walk through the building” virtually before they enter, minimising any surprises when entering physically.



More about RealWear Assisted Reality Solutions

Delivering a reality-first, digital-second approach, safety is not a “bolt-on” to what RealWear does; it is at its very core. Field-proven with world-class customers like Toyota, Mars, Honeywell, Vestas and Shell, RealWear’s combination of hardware and software, user experience, cloud and AI innovation, as well as an important ecosystem of optimised applications, increases equipment uptime, improves workplace safety and delivers unprecedented ROI.

How the RealWear HMT enhances health and safety:


  • Enables hands-free computing with 100% voice-control


  • Overlays the information workers need within their field of vision without ever impeding their visibility


  • Works seamlessly with PPE for hands, head, face, hearing and respiratory protection


  • Offers an “intrinsically safe” version (HMT-1Z1) in ATEX & IECEx Zone 1 and CSA C1-D1


  • Contributes to health and safety workplace compliance with 100s of Android apps available to suit any use case requirement


  • Increases first-time fix rate and reduces health and safety risks that may have arisen later


  • Streamlines inspection times while ensuring accuracy and safety


RealWear is distributed by Westbase.io, the leading 4G/5G, IoT and aR solutions supplier in the UK and Europe. For more information, or to request a demo of the RealWear HMT, simply contact Westbase.io on [email protected], +44 (0) 1291 437 567 or +31 (0) 35 799 2290.


Working directly with you and RealWear, Westbase.io will facilitate a customised demonstration of the HMT so that you can see what it can do for you. As a distributor, Westbase.io sells through our broad reaching ICT channel and likely already works with your preferred supplier if you choose to progress beyond this.

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