03rd Apr, 2020

Bus driver workers’ union voices concerns over coronavirus

Drivers Across the UK have become infected

A bus workers’ union is highlighting the importance of safety measures during the coronavirus outbreak after drivers across the UK have become infected.

A Plymouth-based driver for Stagecoach, aged 60, was reported to be seriously ill in hospital with COVID-19 last week, and across the UK it has been reported that other bus drivers have become ill or passed away as a result of the coronavirus.

Whilst much travel has halted except for essential travel, staff are still concerned about the risk of transmission of the disease to and from passengers whilst continuing.

The bus union RMT has written to all operators asking them to fit screens to give drivers greater protection.

It also wants contactless payments to replace cash on all services where this is possible, improved cleaning on buses, buildings and staff areas; and assurance on the availability of toilet and washing facilities including hand sanitisers.

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