09th Feb, 2021 Read time 1 minute

Employers could force workers to get the COVID Vaccine under HSE laws

Ministers have gone on record saying they believe companies would be protected under current legislation where workers have a duty to ‘protect themselves and others’. The issue has caused some controversy with many uneasy over the idea of mandatory vaccines. 

The ‘jab for a job’ tagline has been adopted given the fact that ministers believe current health and safety laws would protect employees should they force workers to get a jab for COVID. 

The issue has caused concerns amongst decision-makers 

Whilst the current laws would be set to protect employers, the issue has caused a lot of concern in government. Some ministers feel it would be justified through supporting the interests of public health, however, others feel it would lead to increased discrimination. 

Take-up of the vaccine has been low amongst minority communities which is why the issue has been flagged as potentially discriminatory. Whilst the law does seem to protect employers, the Prime Minister’s official spokesperson did release the following statement which contradicts the general sentiment: 

Taking a vaccine is not mandatory and it would be discriminatory to force somebody to take one.’ : Spokesperson of Prime Minister 

With man workers outside of the key industries not currently being called up for the vaccine, for now, the issue is set to become more prominent further down the rollout. 

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