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Further Spot Inspections for COVID-19 in Bolton and Trafford

With schools going back and COVID-19 cases on the rise again, the Health and Safety Executive is continuing its strategy of COVID-19 spot inspections to make sure workplaces are keeping their business COVID-secure. The increase in inspections have focused around the new hotspots of Bolton and Trafford. 


HSE is working alongside local health authorities 

During the inspections, the HSE inspectors will relay advice and guidance on how to follow the rules however any that do not comply will be penalised. This can come in the form of enforcement notices and the halting of certain unsafe work practices. The HSE is also working alongside local health authorities to monitor the changes in COVID-19 cases in the area. 


Social distancing and cleanliness among the major issues 

Some of the main issues that the executive is finding is a lack of hand-washing facilities, poor cleanliness and a lack of arrangements for monitoring and managing social distancing. 

THe new COVID-19 spot inspections can come in a variety of formats, including phone calls, video calls, site visits and the collection of supporting evidence. The HSE insists that businesses need to work with employees to develop new ways to protect against the virus and this is even more important in areas where cases are on the rise. 

In areas like Bolton and Trafford the HSE has stressed that all businesses may be subject to spot checks regardless of industry and size. The checks are due to continue as the Government introduces a ban on gatherings of more than 6 people with the potential for further restrictions to follow. 


Find the relevant information to keep your workplace COVID secure 

Part of the way that you can reduce the chances of the Health and Safety Executive shutting down unsafe activities is through conducting a COVID-19 risk assessment. In addition to this observing basic social distancing and cleanliness measures including hand-washing, 2 metre spaces, and one way systems will help keep you compliant and safe.


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