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A1-CBISS is a company owned by Diploma PLC that design, manufacture, install and commission bespoke gas monitoring and detection systems. Through having years of knowledge and expertise behind them they can offer a diverse range of expertly engineered solutions that are needed in such fields as power generation, utilities, environmental, general industry, chemical, oil and gas, food & beverage and pharmaceutical. 

They supply a wide range of companies from large industrial organisations in Europe to much smaller independent companies and anyone in between. A1-CBISS has obtained its reputable name through understanding what its customers want and supplying the best product possible.


What Do A1-CBISS Do?

A1-CBISS  design custom-built intelligent sampling systems and are continually growing. Their in-house engineering team is very knowledgeable and proficient. A1-CBISS will work with the client to create a bespoke service to meet the demands of the project at hand and will do so to a high standard due to the experience of the team. They can provide custom design services for both hardware and software and can provide technical drawings based on your requirements. 

They manufacture their own equipment and also integrate other manufacturers’ equipment as a part of a project built to achieve exemplary results which will comply with regulations. The A1-CBISS service centre offers service , repair, and calibration for a wide range of single and multi gas detection products. 

In addition to this on-site service is available for all continuous emissions monitoring systems and gas detection systems. Service and supporting packages are fully flexible to meet your needs as a customer ( e.g. legislative or budgetary) which ensures the equipment is covered for all eventualities.


What Products Do A1-CBISS Offer ?

 The products A1-CBISS offers fall into 4 main categories that are emissions monitoring, personal safety, plant protection, and gas detectors. Their safety products follow personal and environmental regulations and will help ensure you and your employees are safe. Their gas and flame detectors are all designed and installed to you and your environment and are also in strict compliance with health and safety regulations.

 A1-CBISS has a client-focused approach with monitoring emissions to help industrial sites achieve environmental compliance through their systems.  They supply a complete range of gas analyzers, sampling systems, and their own industry-certified data acquisition systems that measure and report on pollutants. If you as a customer need any assistance A1-CBISS offers 24 hour expert technical advice from fully trained industry specialists that can guide you in the right direction in getting the correct product for you.


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