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Abbott is a company that specialises in designing products to help people with their health. This includes technologies that keep your heart healthy and keep your body well nourished at every stage in your life. They also provide information and medicines that will help you to manage your health.

Currently, Abbott serves across the globe to create breakthrough products in such categories as diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition and branded generic pharmaceuticals that enable you to lead a healthy life.

Abbott also works within a number of industries specialising in drug detection and well-being monitoring programs to help employers with their staff.


A history of Abbott

Abbott was among the first founders of the scientific practice of pharmacy, they started in 1888 at the hand of Dr Wallace C Abbott who was a Physician and chemist owner. He then started to produce ‘alkaloidal’ medicine granules out of his drug store in chicago. The company has been expanding medically and geographically ever since. Abbott started producing in the UK  in 1937 and was a key supplier of anaesthetics to soldiers during the second world war.

In more recent years Abbott has acquired other companies including Alere Inc and St. Jude Medical which has helped create further developments in the fields of cardiovascular and neuromodulation.


What Products Does Abbott Produce?

Abbotts five main product areas are Diabetes care, Diagnostics, Neuromodulation, Nutrition and Vascular. 

Their products to help with diabetes include glucose monitoring equipment for both personal and hospital use and can be linked with the smartphone. The technology is designed to give the glucose readings faster and with less inconvenience whilst also being accurate to ensure safety. 

With Abbott’s diagnosing technologies they use the information given by the diagnostics to make smart decisions moving forward. They believe that knowledge of the situation will lead to better health when issues are acted on.

In the nutrition area, Abbott offers a variety of supplements and this includes different supplements for different ages, infants, children and adults. The products for children are specifically designed for growth and development and can help if the child has any clinical needs such as faltering growth, malnourishment, malabsorption and poor feed tolerance. The products designed for adults help you meet your nutritional needs to keep healthy.

Abbott’s new vascular technologies are designed to not be invasive. Their products target the areas of Coronary Intervention, Peripheral intervention, vessel closure and carotid intervention to name a few.


A few of Abbotts Competitors Include :


Roche Diagnostics



Brands who we work with

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