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Acre is a recruitment and talent development company that operates in the fields of sustainability, ESG , energy and HSE. They are based out of London, New York and Amsterdam. They work with consultancies, Nonprofits and NGOs to develop leading-edge teams and provide valuable business intelligence.

 Acre are active members of the UN Global Compact and they produce comprehensive annual sustainability reports. They are a company that is growing quickly and creates opportunities for people to develop their careers. They do this by having share options for high performers, plenty of training opportunities and regular networking events.

Acre Foundation

The Acre foundation is their charitable arm which supports a range of good causes and is run by Acre’s team with the support of their clients, suppliers and board of directors. They have raised 121 thousand pounds since 2012 and have had just over 3000 hours volunteered in total.

Acre has partnered with Ocean generation since 2017 to give support. Acre does so by fundraising and pro-bono recruitment support. Ocean generation tackles ocean threats through science and storytelling. 

Climate Change 

Acre has a dedicated climate change recruitment team that has expertise in decarbonisation, climate finance, developing nature-based solutions and finding solutions to meet net-zero targets. Their recruitment offering is supported by a climate change executive search which aims to find the most passionate of p[eople who want to tackle systemic issues and realise the commercial benefits of purposeful leadership.

Acres’s Talent and development service give unique behavioural assessments which are integrated into their recruitment to look beyond experience and technical skills. They look at the candidate’s strengths and will help develop them further.


Acre’s executive search means that asset owners and energy providers get strong change-makers who can develop a greener portfolio and embrace clean technology innovations whether it be a permanent or contract basis. Service providers who work with Acre on infrastructure transformation, grid resilience and smarter storage and data management solutions get help to find leaders with commercial and technical skills that are necessary to create solution ecosystems and drive growth in market share.

Salary Benchmarking

Acres salary benchmarking service allows companies to remain competitive in the marketplace of hiring. Acre use their data both current and historic along with other methods to inform salary levels. They have experienced consultants who will sense check and verify the benchmarking figures through proactive communication with the market.

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