Alert Driving
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Alert Driving

Alert driving ( founded in 1998) is a training provider that has specialised global online driver risk management solutions. Their 4 main goals are to reduce collisions, injuries, operating costs, and liability exposure. The company is based in Toronto, Canada.


Individual Learner Planning 

Alert Driving gives a curriculum that is based on high-incident and high-severity topics which ensures that the individual driver’s most dangerous possible driving behaviors is then targeted first. Their plans are using a progressive learning strategy which means that each plan goes into root crash causes each year that the learner is in the program which means that the learner’s engagement is increased and there is also continuous improvement.

Alert Driving’s course is set up so that the annual curriculum is standardized and then progresses in the following years. There are monthly touchpoints where drivers are exposed to training activity because it will reduce collisions and make drivers continually improve and retain their previous training.


Hazard Perception

Alert Driving has an interactive video called Hazard Perception 360 which evaluates the driver’s defensive skills using actual footage of near-collisions. The hazard perceptions enhanced video quality and size gives a clean interactive experience and along with the 360-degree view, the experience is more life-like.

The risks that are shown in the hazard perception aren’t simulations and the assessment uses actual footage shot on local roads. Once the risk assessment begins the hazard perception evaluates how quickly the driver identifies the most serious hazard in each scene and is accurate down to one-tenth of a second.

The theory-based section asks questions on the key behavioural deficiencies behind fleets’ leading crash causes. Then after the drivers have finished feedback is given which outlines areas of weakness and gives assignments based on that which will be specific to each trainee.

Defensive Driver Training

Alert Driving offers defensive driver training lessons that are designed to give drivers short driving material that is focused on one specific topic and is given monthly throughout the year. The aim is to reinforce the awareness of the need to drive safely and make sure that the message is a priority to the driver.

The lessons vary in length to accommodate the learner. Alert driving offers three training types that range from one-minute snippets to full 15-minute lessons. The 15-minute lessons give six slides of the scope of the problem followed by three fact-based slides then a five-minute HD video and then the driver will then be asked 10 key questions as a form of knowledge assessment.


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