Altitude Safety
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Altitude Safety

Altitude Safety has grown to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Confined Space and Site Safety Equipment.  With a product portfolio of 10,000 products from the leading Global manufacturers and our own dedicated fleet, Altitude Safety can deliver your safety solutions nationwide.

Who are Altitude Safety?

Altitude Safety is a family run business that is based in Northamptonshire. The company are a safety equipment supplier that offers confined space and site survey products in addition to gas detection, breathing apparatus and cable locators. The company offer specialist PPE to a variety of clients.


The products of Altitude Safety

Altitude Safety specialises in confined space and site safety equipment and have a portfolio of 10,000 products from some of the leading global manufacturers.

In addition to product sales, Altitude Safety also offers a maintenance and service fee for safety products to ensure they are kept in a suitable condition that keeps your workers safe. They run a manufacturer-approved service centre that can service, repair and repackage equipment before sending it back out for use.

In addition to the operations at the service centre, Altitude Safety also offers on-site service and calibration which provides assistance on the road and at your workplace.


Fixed gas solutions from Altitude Safety

Outside of the equipment offering, Altitude Safety also offer fixed gas solutions that give you a turnkey solution for a new or replacement system. After the requirements are understood they will conduct a full site survey and give you information on where to position sensor heads, cable runs, and control panels.

Altitude Safety offers supply, installation, commissioning and ongoing service/calibration contracts.


Some competitors to Altitude Safety include:

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Brands who we work with

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