Benchmark ESG | Gensuite
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Benchmark ESG | Gensuite

Benchmark ESG Gensuite aspires to offer best practice-based EHS software solutions, built, leveraged, and evolved with their subscribers’ group, every step of the way.  A spirit of collaborative innovation has driven them to build and evolve the absolute best-in-class digital solutions for EHS, sustainability/ESG, product stewardship, quality, and operational compliance management.


What does Gensuite offer?

Gensuite offer a broad array of cloud-based EHS software solutions across risk management and compliance functions to fulfill all business compliance and management system needs.


Compliance & EHS Management Software Solutions

Benchmark ESG Gensuite serves 6 functional areas with tailored EHS Management solutions & applications to support your needs:


EHS & Sustainability – Leading the way to environmental, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability excellence.
This area of solutions includes: Auditing & Compliance Assurance, Incident Management, Health & Safety, Environmental Compliance, Management Systems, Sustainability & Energy Management, Data Analytics & Visualization, Chemical Management and Training Management.

Quality – Enhance your quality culture and drive improvements with quality management software applications.

Security – Secure your company’s future with agile security management.

Responsible Sourcing & Supply Chain Management – Manage your external workforce with a strengthened client-supplier relationship.

Product Stewardship – Minimize your product’s environmental impact throughout the life cycle.

Equipment Asset Management – Manage your operating assets to track equipment, work orders and preventative maintenance, and integrate regulatory compliance.

Brands who we work with

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