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EHS Software providerCorityenables organizations to utilize Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) software solutions to advance their journey to sustainability and operational excellence. Cority consistently enables client success by combining the deepest domain expertise with the most comprehensive and secure SaaS platform.


What does Cority offer?


Cority are experts within the EHS SaaS field and provide a series of products and technological solutions that help companies manage their health and safety in addition to other aspects of the business. Cority work with various clients providing the following products which support their clients:


Cority One™


The CorityOne system is an integrated SaaS platform that spans the full scope of their suite, helping the management of Environmental, Health, Safety, Quality, and Analytics throughout the organisation. The system is integrated which means users do not have to swap between different software platforms.

Environmental Cloud from Cority


The  Cority Environmental Cloud is developed to help transform how you manage compliance and better deliver toward corporate climate goals. This cloud solution provides an increased scope for enviromental management.


Health Cloud from Cority


The Cority Health Cloud, from the CorityOne™ platform, is the most comprehensive set of modular health solutions designed to protect your workforce. The software is designed for Occupational Health professionals, Industrial Hygienists, Health Teams, as well as for Hospitals & Clinics,


Safety Cloud from Cority


The Cority Safety Cloud serivce streamlines the process for managing workplace safety allowing you to better focus your business efforts and on driving change within the organisation. The software gives you better risk prediction and helps you maintain employee well-being.


Quality Cloud from Cority


The Quality Cloud from Cority helps you move on from paper driven processes by provding easy to use software that increases your compliance and reduces the defects, increasing standards within your organisational model.


Analytics Cloud from Cority


The Cority Analytics cloud is optimised for EHS and gives users access to the tools, predictive modelling and analytics that will help you gain valuable  insight into how your operaiton is running. The software helps you manage and put control measures in place for risks before they have had a chance to cause serious damage.

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