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HSE Executive concludes investigation into the ‘Miracle of Pond Street’

The HSE Executive has finished their investigation into the scaffolding collapse that took place in Hampstead in March of 2019. the collapse has been referred to colloquially as the ‘Miracle of Pondstreet’ due to the fact that no one was hurt. 

The HSE Executive has issued a series of recommendations that need to be put in place following the collapse of a scaffolding structure in 2019. The four-storey high structure was brought down in high-winds but no one was hurt in the incident.

The company involved, ALB Scaffolding, stated that the incident was ‘unfortunate and regrettable and that there are plenty of lessons to be learned within the construction industry following the collapse.

It has been a lesson for the construction industry and all who work within it: ALB Scaffolding Limited

Whilst the recommendations put towards ALB are not a matter of public record the governing body has published the list of improvements that the company must make to protect against similar incidents in the future. The list included the hiring of competent staff, the planning of work effectively and the provision of adequate resources to deliver the work.

The incident reiterates the need for constant safety checks and risk assessments when it comes to even the most standard work within the construction and the health and safety of wider industries. ALB has stated that they are ‘fully committed to health hand safety not only of their employees but also its responsibilities and duty of care to the general public and others.


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