02nd Apr, 2020

HSE suspends routine inspections amid coronavirus fears

HSE will continue to respond on serious issues

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has stopped all routine inspections due to safety fears over the coronavirus outbreak and the risks associated with continuing with routine inspections.

It’s understood the HSE will continue to respond to serious issues but it has limited contact between individuals to ensure it is following government advice. It has also halted work that cannot be completed from home, aside from essential tasks.

A HSE spokesperson told Construction News that the organisation “remains committed to responding to any serious issues that arise, in construction or any other sector, and our enforcement priorities have not changed”.

“However, in line with government guidance to cease all but essential work that cannot be done outside of the home, minimising contact between individuals, HSE has paused all proactive inspections at this time to reduce any risk posed to our own staff and to members of the public,” he said.

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