30th Nov, 2020 Read time 2 minutes

HSE warns firms that Christmas orders could pose Covid risk

With December nearly upon us and the national lockdown coming to an end, we are approaching a very busy period in terms of both online and offline retail. According to the Health and Safety Executive, this could pose a serious Covid risk in warehouses and many logistic workplaces. Haulage firms have been advised to take extra precautions. 

Why the HSE Executive is concerned about online retail

With many orders being done online there is the potential for many businesses to become overwhelmed with the sheer number of orders that they have to process. This extra pressure means many will feel pushed into performing actions that the HSE Executive has deemed unsafe as a result of Covid. 

With the extra pressures of the busy period, many companies are hiring temporary staff as is customary in many retail environments towards the end of the year. The potential lack of training and unfamiliarity with the environment could pose safety risks including improper social distancing, lack of sanitization, and incorrect isolation if a member of staff does become ill. 

It is also worth noting that with increased demand and order pressures, comes the increased risks of non-Covid related accidents. This could result from one-way systems not being followed, safety checks not being conducted, and risk assessments not being carried out. For those responsible for warehouse worker safety, keeping an eye on the condition and safety of your forklifts will be a big priority during the busy Christmas season. 


Could a lone worker alarm help? 

With more people working in distribution and retail you need to adopt a wide range of different health and safety measures that will help to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring. 

One possible solution that you could incorporate is a lone worker alarm. These act as a good line of defense for protecting workers and giving them the ability to alert others if they are in danger or have suffered an accident. Remember that lone worker alarms should only form a part of your overall approach to warehouse health and safety, they are not the silver bullet. 

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