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Improving EHS employment opportunities through training and certification

In an increasingly competitive working environment, many now look to develop themselves outside of work and study through the form of certification. This can have good long term career benefits and in the world of EHS, helps to train more experienced and knowledgeable professionals. If you are an EHS professional, undertaking in extra training and certification has several benefits for both you and your organisation and they are good if you are looking to move to a new health and safety job in the future. 


The benefits of NEBOSH and IOSH Courses

Getting certified for your training adds to your overall employability, and many more employers now expect high-quality health and safety management courses as a means of potential employees proving their experience and skill in the field.



The combined effect of both proven knowledge and experience are one of the reasons that many now opt for official NEBOSH courses. NEBOSH certified courses cover a wide range of subjects and many people chose them due to their wide-ranging applications. The general NEBOSH qualification offers a mix of classroom, online and experiential learning. This mix of styles is highly prized by employers who are looking to recruit the best individuals.


IOSH is another big provider of well-respected health and safety training courses. The areas specialise in providing professionals with EHS certification. who’s role encompasses more than just management of health and safety. As such they are not as focused as NEBOSH courses but can provide a great a good holistic overview of valuable HSE knowledge. Many chose these courses as a means of expanding their skill set and improving their employability.


How training increases employability

Increasing your employability in health and safety can be challenging, and in many ways, there is no way to short cut the whole process it takes to get and learn from relevant experience. One of the ways that you can fortify your employability is through proper certification.


1. They show you are passionate about the EHS industry

In addition to the skills that can be learned through certification, undertaking them is often a sign to employers that you are passionate about the industry and are actively looking for ways that you can develop yourself professionally.


2. Training can give you the chance to network in the industry

Whilst EHS training can help you to expand your knowledge base, if you are on a course with a wide range of participants, it can also give you a good opportunity to network with other individuals who work in health and safety. In terms of employability, this could help you to get your foot in the door with potential future employers.


3. They are being used by employers to sort through potential candidates

When it comes to applications for the most sought after roles in EHS, employers often find themselves with a lot of CV’s to sort through. Whilst the overall quality of your relevant experience is important, having an official certification in health and safety can help you to stand out from the crowd.


4. They can help you perform better in your EHS role

The ultimate aim of every health and safety professional is to make sure staff get home safe every day. Having the right certification helps you do this. The extra knowledge gained can help you develop the foresight to be able to notice potential hazards.

The added self-esteem you may have from knowing you are qualified can also give you the conviction to act on situations where you know EHS can be improved. This can all add to your confidence in your health and safety experience, improving your overall employability.


How to find the right training for you and your staff

When it comes to finding the best health and safety certification for your business or career needs, there are several reputable suppliers out there. If the courses from NEBOSH sound sufficient, have a look at our article which breaks down the different NEBOSH qualifications and which one best suits your needs.

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