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Is risk management in OHS a business opportunity?

Creating an efficient business that maximises profitability and growth may not be at the forefront of a health and professional’s mind, but when they are putting in place risk management procedures and looking after the safety of workers, that is exactly what they are doing.

Health and safety has a range of business benefits including decreased legal costs, and increased efficiency and efficacy in the work completed. For many safety professionals getting these benefits across to the board is an important part of getting buy-in for their policies and drives.

How can you get buy-in for risk management in OHS?

Risk management plays an increasing role in health and safety with the work ranging from the fundamentals like risk assessments to the data-analysis through complex tools built to predict and hopefully help prevent incidents in the future.

If you want to get the buy-in for your risk management policies within OHS, then you need to stress the business benefits to the key decision-makers in the organisation.

There are tangible benefits, such as a potential reduction in incident severity and frequency and some more intangible benefits; for example, workers are more likely to commit to an organisation they feel is prioritising their safety and well-being through the management of risks.



What is the full business case for risk management in OHS?

So there are plenty of apparent top-line benefits that you can get from risk management in OHS, but if you are instigating large changes you will need to take something comprehensive to the board in order to get the green light for any future action.

A valuable upcoming webinar from EcoOnline looks at risk management in OHS, covering the business case for it, how to perform effective OHS risk management, and some of the main digital methods to implement it.

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