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Jacobs launches new external mental health campaign ‘One Million Lives’

This press release has been provided by Paul Hendry at Jacobs and shines a spotlight on the new One Million Lives’ initiative. The new platform provides a host of great mental health management features that can be used to help workers.

Dear HSE Global Series,

Some of you may be aware, that Jacobs is launching a new external mental health campaign called “One Million Lives” on December 2nd.  We presented this at one of the HSE Global Series events in Europe.


What is One Million Lives all about?

Positive mental health and wellbeing are at the heart of One Million Lives. We know that it can be difficult to understand the many factors that contribute to overall mental health. To help better understand these complexities, Jacobs and mental health professionals have developed a free mental health check-in tool to help users assess their current state of mind and provide suggestions for growth. We have also created a resources website to help you with your mental health growth plan.

Our goal is to create a ripple effect across the globe, where over one million people are inspired to complete a mental health check-in. We want to break down the barriers that hinder honest conversations about mental health and encourage an open culture of support.

For this campaign to be successful, we need your help in engaging enthusiastically with it. Pushing this within your organisation and your personal networks. We have made the tool and website available externally because we want you to share it with your clients, partners, supply chain and competitors as well as your family and friends. We want to see your organisation logo on the OML website. Mental health wellness has no boundaries, neither does the HSE Global Series network.

To access the “check-in tool”  please use this link  — and also use this link to share within any upcoming communications you may have planned https://app.oml.world. It is really important that we get the word out.

We have created a website full of resources to help you engage, including ‘How to’ guides, MS Teams backgrounds, posters, conversation starters and resources to help your mental health plan. Also included are useful numbers, FAQs and T&Cs. Here is the link to the website www.oml.world..

On a monthly basis, we will release high-level data on the check-in. Privacy and security of data will obviously be an important element of this for you so please see our T&CS on the website. No data which is classed as personal is being collected.

I really believe in this network that Paul Clark and the team have created. The willingness to share and the passion to improve people’s lives is very visible. Its why we do our jobs, right?

Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]  with questions or alternatively, you can contact the One Million Lives team at [email protected]

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