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What is the SLAM technique and why should you use it?

Similarly to the STOP method, SLAM (Stop, Look, Assess, Manage) is a technique that workers should use when they feel they are at risk.

This technique encourages workers to take control of their safety and that of those around them, shows the value in health and safety, and outlines a clear process to follow for maximum safety.


The four stages of SLAM

When following this procedure, it is broken down into four different stages for workers to follow.


Before starting, workers should stop and ask:

  • Is this a new task?
  • Has the task changed since I first completed it?
  • When was the last time I did this task?
  • Do I feel comfortable doing it?
  • Do I need training to make me comfortable doing it?



Employees should look before, during, and after the completion of their task.

  • Inspect the work area for any potential hazards
  • Identify potential hazards for each step of the task
  • Evaluate what to do about hazards identified

If hazards are identified, workers should discuss these with a supervisor as they will be able to assist with control measures and evaluating risk.



All workers regardless of their seniority should assess whether they, or those around them, are equipped to perform a given task safely and correctly.

  • Do they have the correct knowledge?
  • Do they have the correct skills?
  • Do they have the correct training?
  • Do they have the correct tools?
  • Do they need help to perform a task?
  • Do they need more training beforehand?

Any concerns should be discussed with fellow workers and be brought to the attention of a supervisor.



Managers should take responsibility for eliminating or minimising any hazards on site. This can be done by:

  • Ensuring the proper equipment is used and well maintained
  • Thinking about each task completed by workers and assessing what went well compared to what didn’t go well
  • Considering how they can be better prepared for future tasks that they or their workers will be undertaking


SLAM is a method that should always be shared with all workers and managers to ensure maximum safety. This can help to encourage safe working practices so that they become the norm amongst all workers.

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