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News – Gensuite Announces Re-brand to Benchmark ESG™

EHS software provider Gensuite has announced the re-branding of the business to Benchmark EGS™ in 2021. The company provides cloud-based management and systems solutions software to partners and clients around the world. As of January 2021, Gensuite is now operating under the name Benchmark Digital Partners LLC. 

Why have they rebranded? 

The changing of the name is dedicated to the long-term partnerships developed with suppliers over the past couple of decades in developing the ‘Benchmark’ for digital transformation in EHS. The company has ambitions to expand its digital transformation and software solutions into the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) sectors among many more.

The company has reassured customers that they will see no change to their platform features, functionality, URLs or logins. Their CEO noted the following in regards to the new business venture:


“We are excited to launch our business transformation with the support of our champions – and proud to share our #2 Verdantix global brand preference rankings in both EHSand Product Stewardship, and placing on the Year 2020 Inc 5000 list, as seminal accomplishments from our first decade of partnership.  Here’s to 2021 and the start of another great decade!”: R Mukund, Founder & CEO, Benchmark Digital/Gensuite.


HSE Network and the HSE Global Series are proud to work alongside companies like Benchmark ESG™ who provide market-leading health and safety software solutions. Head over to their EGS recourses page to find out more about the new solutions that they are providing and what the plans are for 2021.

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