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Our top 5 mental health and well-being podcasts

Being part of the HSE Network means you are part of a support group that comprises health and safety professionals around the world all united under the common aim of initiating improvement in the profession and keeping people safe at work. With the help of the HSE Global Series, we have put together some fantastic podcasts over the last two years focusing on a variety of topics.
Today we have a look at the podcasts we have done which focus on mental health and well-being, an area which is finally being looked at in health and safety with the same focus as safety compliance.


1. Jason Anker ‘My Accident at Work’


In this podcast, we welcomed Jason Anker for a frank discussion with our director Paul Clark about the accident he had at work in the 90s and the impact it has had on his physical and mental well-being into the 21st century. This is a great podcast which looks at the conditions that can contribute to accidents and the devastating effect serious incidents can have on workers for the rest of their lives.

2. Dan Gregory and Paul Clark on ‘Conscious Awareness’


This powerful podcast was a discussion between spiritual gurus Dan Gregory and Paul Clark on the power of the present moment, how it links into safer workplaces, and how you can start to implement conscious awareness and mindfulness in your own life. This was recorded at one of our HSE Virtual Congresses in partnership with the HSE Global Series.


3. Overcoming Addiction in the Workplace | Michaela Wain and Paul Clark


In at number 3 on our list is the podcast between Apprentice Finalist Michaela Wain and Paul Clark. Here Paul opens up about his own mental health struggles and how previous addictions had exacerbated them. The two talk about mindfulness, helping employees with addiction and how to introduce mental health practices that help keep you safe and improve your well-being.


4. Improving Mental Health in Health and Safety | Gareth Mullen


At the HSE UK Congress, we had the privilege of sitting down with Gareth Mullen. With Gareth, we discussed some of the mental health and well-being strategies that Thames Water had introduced and some of the positive effects they had had on the workforce. This is a great podcast for those looking at some of the ways to persuade boards to invest in mental health whilst also seeing a ‘return’ on the investment.


5. Mental Health First Aiders, and Coping with the Pandemic at Work | HSE Network


In this podcast, we welcomed various guests including Gareth Mullen, Jason Anker, Sarah Brummitt and Tim Marsh. We touched on various topics ranging from managing worker well-being in lockdown to how to introduce well-being practices that workers are going to take part in.


We have a range of great content on various topics in health and safety


We feel it is vital to give mental health the necessary spotlight on our platform. In addition to this, we also look at areas including compliance, safety leadership, how to properly manage risk assessments, and a range of other content aimed at improving the knowledge and awareness in the profession. If you would like to see any areas covered or are interested in writing for the Network, please get in touch.

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