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Podcast Round-Up: The HSE Network Podcast in March

In March HSE Network was privileged to welcome a varied group of guests to our podcasts for a discussion on various topics within health and safety. The aim of the podcast is simple, to get the message and discussions from the HSE Congress out there and available to anyone that needs to listen within the health and safety field. 

Who was on the HSE Network Podcast in March? 

March was a stellar month for the HSE Network podcast in which we revisited talks from the 2020 virtual series and welcomed some fantastic new guests. We covered topics around the risks that women face in the workplace and whether a systems-based approach can still work in health and safety. 

Episode 1: What you need to know about health and safety site visits

Site inspections are vital in health and safety and they can be a big part of keeping you compliant and aware of the risks within your company. 

Here we listen in on the workshop from last year’s HSE Virtual Congress giving exclusive access to Britt Howard’s podcast. 


Episode 2: Does a systems-based approach work in health and safety? | Andy Barker

In addition to our podcast with Britt Howard, we also chatted to Andy Barker of Speaking IN for a discussion on whether or not a systems-based approach works in health and safety, as well as a general chat about the industry. 


Episode 3: How you can build a team in health and safety | Wouter de Gier

Building a team that has a good culture and is willing to deliver in health and safety can be a challenge. Here Wouter de Gier of Heineken shows you how to build a great team within health and safety. 


Episode 4: Day 2 Panel December HSE Virtual Congress 

In the 4th podcast of the month, we revisited one of the panels from the HSE Virtual Series in December. This was a great opportunity to chat to speakers and get their thoughts on what’s really going on.


Episode 5: What Major Risks do Women Face in the Workplace | Lorenzo Visentin

In the last episode of March, we released one of the most popular workshops from the ‘Women in Safety Congress’ in which Lorenzo Visentin dives into some of the real-world risks that women face in the workplace and what society (and the health and safety industry) can do about it. 


 What’s coming up in April and May? 

We have some fantastic podcasts coming up for April. We kicked off the month with a look at the Women in Safety talk from Kathy Seabrook. We also have some fantastic guests lined up so make sure you are following the HSE Network podcast on Apple and any preferred platforms to be sure you don’t miss a second. 

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