13th Jun, 2021 Read time 3.5 minutes

Podcast Round-Up: The HSE Network Podcast in May

The HSE Network Podcast remains one of the leading health and safety podcasts in the field, drawing on a series of great content from the HSE Global Series and a network of great guests to explore various areas.

In May, HSE Network was privileged to interview a series of guests from companies such as eDriving and EcoOnline for a dive into health and safety solutions and regulations.


1. What you need to know about COSHH | Henry Mooney

Henry Mooney is the Director of Customer Success at EcoOnline and has an in-depth understanding of the COSHH regulations. In this episode, we run a Q and A with Henry going through a series of questions on COSHH from our audience and the real must-knows about the regulations.



2. The triple threat in driver safety | Nick List | Andy Cuerden

Andy Cuerden and Nick List joined us on the podcast in May for a discussion on the current triple threat of distracted driving, fatigue and speeding in driver safety. Andy and Nick look at what you can do to better manage and engage with a workforce to help to improve their driver safety scores.



3. What you need to know about saving workers from height | Phill Rashbrook

Working from height comes with a series of risks that both health and safety professionals and employers need to be aware of. In this talk from the HSE Virtual Series, we learn how to go about saving and safeguarding workers operating at height from Phill Rashbrook.



Stay tuned into the HSE Network Podcast

Upcoming shows from the HSE Network Podcast promise to offer answers to some of the burning questions in health and safety as well as explore some of the life stories of key health and safety professionals. Make sure you stay subscribed to the HSE Network Podcast

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