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Skymark Packaging International finds a solution using Barbour EHS

The following case study has been provided by Barbour EHS and looks at the compliance solution they offered to Skymark Packaging International

Skymark Packaging International is a leading UK-based manufacturer of flexible packaging. Founded in 1987, today it supplies its solutions to several market sectors including hygiene, food, consumer goods and medicine.

Frequently ahead of the curve, it has a reputation for innovation within its sector, having been one of the first UK adopters of the RSPH hygiene certifications that later developed into ISO 9001

In recent years it has taken significant steps to meet its sustainability and environmental goals, launching a range of ‘Green-Flex’ products made of recycled and recyclable materials. It has also taken steps to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, doing so by over two-and-a-half times the UK average



Skymark and its clients have complex needs, which naturally requires a detailed overview of legal responsibilities and compliance issues. “We need to ensure,” Skymark told Barbour, “we maintain a clear overview of not just current, but also upcoming developments.” Skymark had previously employed a consultancy company to assists its legal compliance needs. “This system worked well for us in the past and ensured we had the necessary skills and capabilities to meet these requirements ourselves.”

However, Skymark believed it could better serve its clients in making educated decisions by offering “vast technical and regulatory knowledge and awareness.” It began to search, therefore, for a simple way to extract these legal requirements from a single point of access. “We considered many different sources,” Skymark said, “each with their own individual advantages and disadvantages.”

They added, “Barbour EHS suited our needs by giving us a full view of all legal requirements, as well as access to its whitepaper and draft consultation document library. We ultimately teamed up with Barbour due to its excellent resource database, customisation options on legal registers, and their competitive pricing models.”



Making changes to the way a firm operates is always fraught with risks. Skymark recognised this. “As with any new system, the biggest risk is the knowledge vacuum that establishes itself every time a new service is started. We found that we needed to spend a little more time fine-tuning the legal register to meet our requirements.” But Skymark benefited from Barbour’s online training and support programmes, meaning “the whole process became a lot easier.”

As a result, Skymark could quickly establish a legal register to demonstrate its compliance with its environmental obligations, “all within three hours of starting the process of creating our bespoke register.” Despite choosing to tailor their own register, Skymark was impressed with Barbour options, adding “if that is a little too long for you, Barbour offers curated legal registers which can be populated within minutes.”


quote from Barbour


The results were transformative. Using Barbour’s Director’s Briefings and pre-populated training materials, Skymark has tailored its internal training courses to reflect current legal requirements and used guidance notes to convey key information quickly and easily. “All of this allows us to demonstrate compliance across all levels of our business.”

Since the beginning of its partnership with Barbour, Skymark has not received any non-conformities on second or third-party audits related to legal or regulatory requirements. These results have been recognised by its clients and partners, with several environmental specialists, local authorities, auditors and customers praising its “forward-thinking awareness.”

Skymark has used Barbour’s service as a springboard for sharing its expertise in major business forums. It has taken part in the government’s ‘Net Zero’ business briefing and presented on legal compliance from a business perspective in a Barbour webinar. “We are actively shaping the future landscape of our business sector, and helping our customers make informed decisions on topical
issues. We are proud that our expertise and the support of Barbour’s service actively shape tomorrow’s world.”




  • Maintaining a clear view of current and upcoming developments


  • A simple way to extract the legal requirements from a single place of access


  • Excellent resource database
  • Customisation options on legal registers
  •  Competitive pricing models


  • Skymark have not received any Non-conformities on
    2nd or 3rd party Audits related to legal or regulatory
  • 3 Praised by several Environmental Specialists, Local
    Authority staff, Auditors and Customers for forwardthinking awareness to current and regulatory issues

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