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Supply Chain Visibility with Contractor Pre-Qualification and Permit to Work

A new guide from Alcumus outlines Supply Chain Visibility with Contractor Pre-Qualification and Permit to Work.


For many businesses, supply chain visibility and compliance can be a complex challenge. Risk has always been part of the supply chain and alongside the more traditional and longer-recognised supplier risks, new threats have exposed the vulnerabilities of many organisations and the disruption to global supply chains.

COVID-19, Brexit and new measures to strengthen the Modern Slavery Act 2015, are changing how organisations manage risk within their supply chain. But there are also increasing pressures across a range of ESG factors such as delivering Social Value and reducing scope 3 carbon emissions. Often these risks seep into the supply chain through the lower tier, unaudited contractors and suppliers.

When errors or gaps in the supply chain occur, your business is the one that often covers the cost of increased health and safety fines, operational expenses, delays or reputational damage. That’s why a thorough supply chain risk solution can help to control your risk and vulnerabilities. Now is the time to think about what might come next and the actions needed in the short, medium and longer term.

EHS teams are juggling a broad range of high priority goals, therefore improving data collection and visibility is a key theme. Unfortunately, manual solutions like Excel or paper-based documents are subject to user error and lack the ability to collaborate effectively. It’s estimated that nearly early 90% of spreadsheets contain significant errors2.

Digitisation has become a high priority for organisations to deliver real-time risk insight, so your business knows exactly which suppliers and contractors are at risk. In a recent survey, two thirds of respondents suggested that paper-based systems will be eliminated within the next two years1.

Software has the potential for EHS teams to manage risk efficiently, instantly report supply chain status to key stakeholders, work collaboratively across departments and achieve peace of mind that the correct precautions have been taken.

At Alcumus we work with nearly half of the FTSE 100 so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to EHSQ+ risk.  Alcumus acts as a supply chain risk partner to verify the compliance of your contractors and suppliers and control their work through a robust and consistent process.

Our eBook, Supply Chain Visibility with Contractor Pre-Qualification and Permit to Work, will teach you about:

  • The Increasing Importance of Pre-Qualification
  • Sourcing Safe, Competent and Ethical Contractors
  • Digitising Contractor Permit to Work
  • The Cycle of Contractor Management

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