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The Exponential Growth of Digital Technologies Now Serving EHS Professionals

This article has been provided by Airsweb and looks at some of the emerging trends in digital technologies in EHS.

Take a minute to reflect…

Think back, over the last 10 years and consider how the advancements of innovative and digital technologies is having an impact on our personal and working lives, the environment and the economy today. It’s going super-fast!

  1. Introducing the Electric car and in ten years’ time, maybe solar powered cars and not forgetting driverless vehicles being the norm.
  2. Music and Entertainment moving from hard physical Vinyl (making a comeback!) tapes and CDs, VHS and DVD’s to now streaming and digital download in an instant!
  3. Learning, training and reading from hardback books, classroom environments, to now learning online, audio books and even Virtual and Augmented Reality for training. 

So, with huge investment the surge of technology advancements over the last decade has prompted a great shift in how we work and live today, and there will be more to come. 

  1. Android (prior to the launch of Android, if you wanted a smartphone, it had to be an iPhone).  Smartphone access, any time, any location – increasing EHS user adoption.   
  2. 5G – faster connectivity on any mobile device – impressive!
  3. Virtual and Augmented Reality – which is also being introduced in EHS training outside of the actual risk environment.  
  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Assistants – think of Alexa and Siri, now think how this technology can help EHS professionals.
  5. Social media – Instagram, What’s App, Twitter. There are over 3.81 billion people using social media in 2020. This means that nearly everyone is engaged in some form or other. It is a great communication tool and brings communities together. But also has the potential to increase EHS incident reporting.   

But what has this all got to do with EHS and Airsweb AVA?

The founders of AVA started the business back in 1999 and were at the very forefront of using digital technology. They were the first true cloud based EHS software platform to be launched.

Over the years, working with many clients, they built the foundations of AVA using their expertise whilst continuing to invest in R&D – the results of which have made Airsweb AVA the most technologically advanced, yet easy to use EHS software on the market. 

The EHS landscape is continuously changing and evolving, just as technology is influencing our day to day lives, this is one of the Airsweb AVA key differentiators from other EHS platforms.  AVA uses the world’s leading graph database technology to offer simple yet incredibly expressive representation of your data.     Gathering and connecting relational insights that otherwise would have to be, identified, investigated, searched for, drilled down, analysed – all taking time and a great deal of experience to notice and identify trends. 

Since AVA’s launch in 2018, AVA is proving to be an EHS software of choice for companies of all sizes and industries. 

It is powered by a graph database architecture and has been recognised as ‘ground-breaking’ by independent market leading analysts – Verdantix

Their report explains why they believe Airsweb AVA’s Graph Technology will bring benefits to EHS data insights and provide real-time risk management through natural language queries. 

You can download your complimentary copy of the report, usually £350 for access to the further research. 

One of the critical decisions behind AVAs sophisticated and intelligent build was to make sure, as advanced as AVA is, it is intuitive, easy to use, has a striking user interface that engages users.  But still delivers incredible analytics, insights and dashboards, and intelligent reporting. 


To find out more about how Airsweb AVA

Watch our short video on how Virtual Assistant technology helps EHS reporting via What’s App.

How Virtual Assistants and voice first can help break down the barriers to reporting, read our latest blog by Daniel Bennett – Business Development Manager EMEA and how his engaging conversations with EHS Professionals recognises the challenges being faced.  

Download your complimentary copy of the Verdantix : Airsweb AVA Applies Graph Tech to EHS report 

How AVA connects with social media apps – read more about our Frictionless Reporting.


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