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The next 3 months on HSE Network

As we head into a new year HSE Network is excited at the prospect of releasing a range of greatest content in the form of podcasts, thought leadership articles and interviews all produced in partnership with the HSE Global Series. Our main focus on the upcoming months will see us cover a range of great topics that have been informed with insights from our advisory council. 

Here we break down 3 of the key topics we will be looking to cover on HSE Network over January, February and March. 



1. Workplace violence in safety for January


We kick off 2022 by looking at workplace violence within a health and safety context. We explore the reasons why workplace violence may occur, the forms that it comes in and the impact that it can have on the health, safety and wellbeing of your workforce.



2. Occupational health in Feburary


In Feburary we explore occupational health, looking at it from multiple angles and industries. It is an area that often goes underserved as we focus on getting people to follow procedures, but how do different occupations impact individuals and what can be done to optimise this from a health and safety perspective? Pay attention to the HSE Network in Feburary. 



3. Women in safety in March 


To coincide with international women’s day, HSE Network will be looking at women in safety and how getting a more diverse workforce brings benefits both for business performance and health, safety and well-being.

A diverse workforce brings different ideas and ways o thinking that could give your organisation the kick it needs to get rid of outdated safety practices and bring in new ones that will better protect workers whilst they are getting the job done. 


Let us know if there is a topic you want to be covered

If there is a topic you feel has not been properly covered on HSE Network, then feel free to get in touch with a member of our editorial team. We would be happy to discuss potential topics and how they could fit into our content calendar. If you want to find out more about the events we are partnered with, then go check out the upcoming EHS congresses from the HSE Global Series. 


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