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The ultimate guide to picking an EHS management system

Working out how you can drive change in health and safety can be a challenge, as we progress through the pandemic many will be looking at their own safety management processes and trying to work out how they can improve them for when employees fully return to the office and workplace. 

This is why many are looking at EHS management systems to help them get better control over their business and reduce the number of incidents and near misses in their workplaces. 

EHS management systems are being used to increase productivity and make employees safer during the working day. This reduces the chances of incidents which means not only will you reduce the risk of costly lawsuits but your workers will also feel better looked after. So what does an EHS management system really do?

EHS management system

What is an EHS management system? 

An EHS management system refers to any software or offline based strategy and system that manages health and safety within a business. The term is commonly used for digital EHS software solutions which help professionals through the managing of risk assessments, mental health check-ins, ergonomics, safety data sheets and all the other aspects of good health and safety management. 

The HSE Network guide on picking an EHS management system

This week we take a closer look at EHS management systems, sharing some of the key areas to look at when it comes to picking the right EHS software management system in your company. We look at the type of industry you operate in, the size of your company the reason why you want to adopt a new management system for your business health and safety.


1. Which EHS management system is best for which industry? 

The type of EHS management system that you go for will be determined in part by the type of industry that you operate in. Different solutions will be tailored to different industries, for some audit compliance software will be less critical than others. Conversely, if you are operating in the catering industry then you will want an EHS management system that offers features unique to that area including cleaning and food hygiene etc. 

Other software providers like Cority specialise in offering services to specific industries including the aerospace, automotive and defence sectors. 

Make sure you look at the type of EHS management system that would be best tailored to your specific industry. This will help you avoid picking a digital solution that has some serious shortcomings when it comes to health and safety management in your industry. 

2. What size of company do you operate in? 

The size of your company will also influence the type of EHS management system that you need. Smaller companies for example will have less of a need for a robust cloud-based system if they do not operate in multiple areas and countries. Alternatively, you will also not need comprehensive safety data sheet management if you do not manage chemicals at a rate that justifies the investment. 

Make sure you only adopt an EHS management system that suits the size of your operation. If you are a smaller sized set up then perhaps more traditional approaches will suffice. 

3. What are the key areas you want the EHS management system to improve? 

Finally, when you are working out which type of EHS management system you want it is best to take a closer look at how they can help solve your most pressing problems. If you want a software solution that can greatly improve your risk assessment management, then this should be high up on your priority list when you are evaluating your EHS management system options.

Looking up reviews of previous EHS management systems will help give you a better idea of what the software does well. Some will have a greater focus on worker well-being whilst others will have features that focus purely on checklist activities. 

There are plenty of EHS software management systems out there why act as comprehensive packages, but you should always check the individual specifications lists to make sure they can help with what you are looking for. 


Contact HSE Network for more information 

If you are interested in working with EHS software providers that specialise in delivering health and safety management systems, then get in touch with a member of the HSE Network team. 

Adopting a new software system in large organisations is no mean feat, which is why we are proud to work alongside some of the best EHS software providers in the industry that help deliver the best possible products to their clients. 

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