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Things to do for your wellbeing while returning back to theoffice

While the coronavirus-forced lockdown was a source of anxiety to many, there were quite a few who were glad of the respite from the routine grind of life. Working from home made life easy and comfortable. People actually enjoyed it. There was no more stress of having to wake up early and reach the office before time, no stress about being observed by the boss, no driving back after a long day and enough and more time with the family! It is therefore not surprising that so many people were anxious about getting back to working around people and getting used to the at work discipline. For all those of you who are getting back to your offices, here are a few tips to get you comfortable with your work again.


Attractive Compensation Packages

This is for all of you bosses who have asked your employees to get back to work. Remember that your employees are stepping out of their comfort zones to work only because you asked them to. So give them all the motivation you need. See an employee with impeccable performance? Give them a bonus! Or a raise! All said and done, a little extra money never harmed someone and considering the pandemic put people worldwide in an economic crisis, your employees would love to get a bonus or raise. What’s more, it even inspires others to work just as hard.

Many employers are satisfied with giving workers just the hourly worker wage due to whatever reason. However, do not restrict yourself to that. Offer incentives and a good package so as to keep them motivated for the job.


Personal Hygiene

When going back to work, please remember to take as many precautions as possible. The coronavirus is a mutant meaning it will not just completely disappear. The number of cases are reducing only because of the growing immunity developed by the body. Even so, it is imperative that you take proper care of yourself.

If you are sick, avoid going to work. In case you cannot skip, wear masks, carry sanitizers and handkerchiefs instead of tissues. Avoid hugging people or any other forms of touch. Considering official handshakes are unavoidable, make sure you wash your hands before touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

In case you are an employer, make sure your employees are all fully vaccinated before they return to work. Remember, Prevention is better than cure.


Effective Communication

Just as in the case of any relationship, communication is key. As an employer, communicate well your expectations from your employees as they resume on site work. Make sure they understand your goals and objectives. Be available for them if need be and make sure that they feel they can approach you.

As an employee, one of your primary goals should be to meet the expectations of your boss. Communicate with your team, ask questions if you think you have not understood and most importantly be willing to accept corrections. This goes a long way in building you up as a person as well


Be a Source of Happiness

As an employer, please remember that your employees are still adjusting to the routine of physical work. Try to offer less criticism. Be more encouraging and comforting. Give them breaks, let them loosen up just enough so that they do not take enough pressure. A Happy employee will do your work much more effectively as compared to a stressed one.

As an employee, remember that your employer is already under tremendous stress to ensure the well being of the entire team. Therefore, do your best in not giving any reasons for complaining. Do the work sincerely and whatever has to be done, put in your best. Remember that a positive work environment is essential to not just the growth of your company, but also to your well being.


Be Patient and Flexible

This is something that is easier said than done. As people leading a company, of course you have to be strict. However, here is the catch. While having rigid deadlines might provide people with an extra push, in the long run, the amount of stress that is caused is detrimental to their health and to the health of people around. This is something that will be observed even more so now that people have gotten used to working at their own pace from home. So relax, take it easy and be slightly flexible with deadlines and other such things. Instead, first let them adjust to the old life again before putting up all the expectations that they will be required to meet.


Mental Health

The years of pandemic have not been easy on anyone. People have had to deal with a wide range of mental issues ranging from panic to depression. Make sure that all your employees are enjoying the work that they do and that they find the workplace comfortable. Keep your eyes and ears open for any complaints related to the workplace. Make them feel heard and accepted.

As an employee, understand that your mental health and well being is important. If you feel like you need some time off, communicate with your employer and see how best you can resolve that situation. If you face any issues or harassment of any sort, communicate the same to the people in charge before it gets too much for you to handle. Try and finish off the day’s work that day itself before it piles up and stresses you out. Discipline yourself so that your work is completed well in advance. Impressing your boss is always a great idea. You never know when a bonus comes flying in!

It is not going to be easy- getting back to work. From wearing formals, to not having the safety of a switched off camera, it will take time to adjust. Remember, however, to enjoy yourself in the process and make work life as easy and fun as possible!

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