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Top 3 videos from the December Virtual Congress 2021

Here is a list of the top 3 videos from the December Virtual Congress of 2021

A key video from the December Virtual Congress 2021 was a session run by Anna Keen, the founder of Acre Frameworks who is a regular speaker at HSE Network events. Acre Frameworks is part of the Acre Group which is primarily a recruitment business however Acre Frameworks has an established learning and development network for individuals after identifying a gap in the market for recruitment of health and safety talent. 

Anna Keen kicks off the session with a taster session focussed around growth mindset to aid within individual discovery to identify values, strengths and relationships with learning and progresses through the session with emphasis on mindset. A key part to controlling your mindset is evaluating it, Anna Keen implements a mindset scale to identify where you believe your mindset is at. Are you consistently in a growth mindset or a fixed mindset and is this linked to the organisation that you are currently working within?  

Crystal Danbury hosted another key session in the December Virtual Congress, Crystal has over 20 years of experience within the field and delves into the fundamentals of cultural shift within organisations. Looking at the definition of culture shift, Crystal applies her knowledge to a number of industries including Nuclear, Rail, Logistics, Gaming, Telecoms and Retail, in which she has had previous experience within. 

There are insights into the key attributes of cultural shift and the vital aspects including implementable actions managers can take in order to promote a positive culture shift and protect employees from harm at work. The session comes to a close with a quick Q&A from the online audience where Crystal answers some common questions relating to cultural shift in relation to health and safety.

Are you looking to progress within your health and safety role? Andresa Hernandes unpacks what it takes to learn and grow as a safety professional. Andresa begins by running through her own journey beginning with an incident she experienced whilst working as a chemical engineer during her studies. There is a science to safety which is explored containing 3 main components of; safety compliance, safety culture and organisational resilience. 

Andresa looks at the evolution of health and safety roles and how the responsibilities are evolving and the gap that can appear between the employers and employees expectations and the importance of closing this gap. The session comes to completion looking at the journey of learning and growing and how you can implement these ideas and concepts within your own career path.



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