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Top 3 videos from the Diversity Congress 2021

Here is a list of the top 3 videos from the Diversity Congress 2021. 

Sustainable Value Workshop

Magali Anderson, a mechanical engineer began working on an offshore rig in Nigeria, being a predominantly male dominated industry Magali discusses her passion for diversity and the importance within the workplace to drive new thinking. Four strategic sustainability pillars are discussed and their necessary integration into the working environment, Magali provides an insight into the sustainable and diversity led changes that have been put in practice as a result of her implementation.    

There is an improvement plan highlighting the journey of implementing sustainability changes within the workplace including risk management, continuous improvement and engagement. Magali uses real life results for her plan implementation to demonstrate the positive results that are shown within the HSE organisation. Gender diversity is also reflected upon again but instead is demonstrated as a culture topic instead of a HR problem only. The session comes to a close with a Q&A from the virtual audience. 

BSI Workshop

How good is diversity and inclusion within the health and safety sector? Kate Field from BSI explains how a lack of company responsibility when it comes to diversity within health and safety can have detrimental impacts on the business culture as a whole. Diversity challenges are addressed including legislation, bias, workplace violence amongst others and the aspects that can be missed when putting together a risk assessment specific to gender such as reproductive health. 

The issues surrounding gender diversity when it comes to PPD and other protective equipment is explored, specifically how most equipment and uniforms are designed for males. Poor fitting PPE is not only uncomfortable but Kate Field describes how studies show it also causes safety hazards, bullying and increases risk of industry. A conclusion wraps up the importance of gender diversities are considered when putting health and safety processes in place. 

Black History Month Workshop

Speaking about Black History Month, Crystal Danbury explores roles of the majority to prevent discrimination and the issues surronding unconsciously ignorance. The emphasis of building knowledge surrounding minority communities is presented to prevent ignorance and promote understanding. An activity is presented to the audience to highlight the disparity between race within history and the prejudice that is presented to us at an early age.

Crystal Danbury explores ways to broaden the knowledge of majorities and to help educate and understand the prejudices that minorities receive.  


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