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Top 3 videos from the Virtual Congress AUS 2021

Here is a list of the top 3 videos from the Virtual Congress AUS 2021, the first ever Virtual Congress for Australia. 

Panel 1

The virtual Congress AUS 2021 was started with an opening panel session, with a number of experienced health and safety professionals from a range of companies. The panel begins with personal introductions and discusses a range of topics from the evolution of health and safety in the workplace, focussing on the concept of change management. 

Brian Long from the panel opens up the conversation surrounding social responsibilities and the link to health and safety,  the grey area between the workplace and home is also discussed and how the wellbeing of employees can rely on both environments. The moderator of the panel, Nektarios Karanikas encourages the panel to discuss whether the industry of health and safety can be resistant to innovation and change. 

Rethinking Safety Workshop

Another top session from the Australia Virtual Congress was presented by Michael Tooma and Kym Bancroft involving a roadmap for change in organisations and discussing how to effectively transition a business from one safety approach to another. 

The discussion begins with rethinking safety and implementing an open-minded approach. Kym Bancroft explores a roadmap model that can be adapted and implemented for businesses beginning with the first step of putting together a compelling case for change and the processes that are required to complete these effectively. The journey is followed step by step including due diligence and finishing with bringing the whole strategy together at the end.   

Interdependant Risks Workshop

David Irvine and David Smith introduce the congress to managing interdependent risks throughout periods of sustained change. After introductions to the speakers and their business, Enablon there is an establishment to the context of interdependent risks and periods of change. The talk touches upon the changes that everyone has had to adapt to as a cause of the pandemic and encourages thought into how these changes have impacted overall goals. 

 A model depicting the performance of businesses during a disruptive event is explored and the difference that early detection can have in reducing the negative impact of such events. An ideal working environment and relationship is shown highlighting the importance of technology with the role of storing important data which is important for the managing of risks. 


The full video gallery for the Virtual Congress Aus 2021 can be seen here. 

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