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Top 3 videos from the Women in Safety Congress 2021

Risks to Women Workers 

Melissa MarkJoyce speaks to Lorenzo Visenti who is a founding member of the HSE mythbuster challenge panel to discuss the real world risks to women within the workplace and the challenges that they face across the globe and different industries. Lorenzo provides a whistle stop tour overview of the physical, chemical and psychosocial risks that women face whilst at work. 

The absence of women in drug and chemical trials is explored and how women are more at risk during chemical exposure to the long term effects. Lorenzo puts forward new ways of thinking to the audience and encourages a rethink of current company processes. Real life examples of discrepancies between male and female health and safety procedures and PPE are divulged and the ways in which there is still not adequate research and actions to tackle these issues. The session closes with a list of reading materials recommended by Lorenzo to further understand the issue.

Connecting the dots 

Kathy Seabrook is the founder and CEO of Global Solutions Inc and explores connecting the dots of your future and career path. The arrival of ‘meta trends’ are introduced as transformational changes that are happening and the individuals driving these changes are touched upon. Kathy hosts a number of audience engaged polls to gauge the viewer’s understanding across a number of important topics. 

The connections between human capital and OSH is unpacked with the underlying theme that people are at the core of every thriving business and the importance of collaboration between genders. Characteristics of gender are discussed in a positive light and how individuals can possess characteristics of both genders regardless of their biological gender. 

ERM Global Health and Safety Survey

Keryn James looks into the findings from the ERM Global Health and Safety Survey beginning by presenting some key facts of figures of the 273 participants, this included job titles, locations and sector. The largest segment of participants were from the Gas and Oil sector and job titles were from Directors and Head of Health and Safety. Keryn discusses the benefits to having a senior participant group as the awareness and knowledge surrounding the topic. Results of the survey are explored and analysed to show an overall picture of the findings. 

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