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Under a week to go until the HSE North American Congress

Health and safety is a broad industry that requires some joined-up thinking if we are going to progress with it and reduce the total number of incidents in the workplace.

The work of the HSE Global Series is built around developing strong relationships within safety across various continents, and the Global Series Conferences are a great way to do this. 

With under a week to go until the HSE North American Congress, we catch up with Elliot Cunnington, Marketing Director at the Global Series for a chat on what the event has in store.


Focus on communication and mental health

As we order coffee and sit down Elliot is clearly enthusiastic about the upcoming conference which is set to be the biggest North American conference from the team to date. 

“We’re really excited about this one, we’ve got some fantastic delegates across different industries and our speakers are going to offer some real insight!” 

Buoyed by the enthusiasm and energy, I ask Elliot what the focus on this year’s conference is and why.

“Look, there is always a focus on mental health at our events, we feel that it is finally starting to get the attention it deserves and we are going to continue to offer a platform to our speakers on it in a health and safety context.” 


“But we are also going to look at communication, and how it can improve safety records into the future. Often poor communication, whatever medium it comes through can mean the difference between life and death. 

The HSE Global Series is one of the pioneering conferences within the health and safety field which looks at mental health in a variety of different safety contexts. 

As Director Paul Clark insists, the person has to be the focus of safety. If the worker is not in the correct space mentally, there is a chance that this can impede their ability to operate safely. 


A look at returning to work

With home working being the norm for well over a year now, many organisations are in a state of limbo as to where they plan on going next. When chatting to Elliot it was clear that this was going to be a big area of the upcoming Congress.

“Homeworking has changed how many organisations operate health and safety, not to mention how we run our events! We will be running a great discussion moderated by UL which will look at returning to work and what you need to know from a safety perspective.”


Register for the North American Congress

Overall, Elliot was enthusiastic about the virtual events but was also optimistic about physical events returning.

“Whilst the virtual series has really developed into its own thing over the last year, we are very excited to get back to the physical events.  We are currently putting together a very exciting plan for a physical congress in the UK later this year before we return with an all-new calendar for 2022!”

The North American Congress is set to offer a great deal of quality content within health and safety, if you are interested in attending the event then be sure to register with the link below.


Register for HSE North America Here >>


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