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What are the key benefits of using EHS software in your company?

Health and safety has moved beyond the humble pen and clipboard and there are many options out there when it comes to software that helps to keep your workforce safe. Technological advancements over the past couple of decades now mean there are a lot of different options on the market when it comes to saving time in your health and safety management and keeping workers safe. 

Here HSE Network discusses some of the key benefits that our members and key partners have experienced when using and developing EHS software platforms for various industries. 

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1. EHS software reduces the scope for human error 


Human error is a fact of life but in health and safety, it can mean the difference between life and death. A lot of the work done by health and safety professionals is around reducing human error and focusing on how we can perform tasks in a safer (and often more efficient) manner. 

EHS software helps you delegate more of the administrative responsibilities to a digital assistant, this reduces the chances of risks being missed or reports being misfiled. Whilst no system is perfect, a good EHS software provider will help you reduce the chances of human error in your organisation. 


2. You can be legally compliant easier with EHS software


Legal compliance can be challenging to achieve but in health and safety, it is very important and can be costly if not done effectively. Maintaining legal compliance is often done through the recording of risk assessments, photographic evidence and safety checks. If done through a paper-based system, this can lead to increased errors and the risk of lost files. 

An EHS software system will help you digitise the process allowing for documents and data to be retired remotely and instantaneously, making legal compliance far easier as we progress into a more digital world. 


3. EHS software helps you link workers and increase ease of reporting 


A lot of the day to day work for health and safety professionals is around the reporting of incidents and risks in the workplace. EHS software helps you streamline this process by automating certain aspects of the report and allowing for them to be filled quicker. This also means that workers on the shop floor can get greater clarity over health and safety and aid in the process more with an app-based checklist and other similar methods. 


4. EHS software helps you save time, increasing productivity


Productivity is essential in business and whilst it can be quite cut-throat at times, the introduction of EHS software is a simple way to increase productivity without people having to worry about their job roles in the future. Health and safety professionals will always be needed to get the message across to workers, so much of what we do as a profession needs humanistic skills and traits to really make a difference.

EHS software will help take care of the more mundane tasks and report filling which will give health and safety professionals more time to focus on the activities that they really feel are going to drive change in the business from an EHS perspective. 

Get in touch if you want to speak with experts in EHS software 

HSE Network works alongside some of the key minds in health and safety to develop and deliver content to our members, and we also work with a select group of highly skilled EHS software companies that deliver some fantastic products to their clients. 

If you want to get in contact with experts in EHS then feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have around using software in health and safety. 

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