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What are the safety benefits of thermal waterproof gloves?

When you are evaluating your PPE needs it can be easy to overlook the importance of gloves and focus on some of the main equipment like hardhats and jackets. Gloves are a massively important area to look at and can mean the difference between life-changing incidents and painful but ultimately manageable near misses. 

Thermal waterproof gloves are a specific type of PPE that offers protection from extreme cold and liquids in addition to protection from burns and chemicals. 

They offer protection in a variety of areas and could be the missing link within your current safety PPE strategy. Here we look at some of the benefits your workforce could get when using thermal waterproof gloves and why you should consider them within your safety strategy.


They provide a good balance of protection and performance

If you buy good thermal waterproof gloves then they will offer a good balance between protection and performance. Your workers are much more likely to wear the gloves and get the protection benefits if they are comfortable to wear. 

This will increase the compliance for the wearing of safety gloves which can also put you in a much better position when the health and safety inspector pays a visit. 


Thermal waterproof gloves offer protection from injury 

The obvious benefits you get from thermal waterproof gloves is protection from injuries. This can be both in terms of short term incidents and injuries that can be sustained over time. They will also offer protection to those working with dangerous chemicals. 


They are typically very durable 

Thermal safety gloves, provided they are supplied by a good manufacturer, are very durable. This is good news as you will not have to spend as much time worrying about when the gloves need to be replaced. Make sure you check the warranty when it does come to replacement. 


Incorporate them in a strong safety strategy 

Thermal waterproof gloves are great if you are looking for a way to protect the hands and bodies of employees however if they are not wearing them then you will never get the full benefits. Make sure that you are incorporating thermal safety gloves into a wider strategy of education, positive reinforcement and innovation going forward.

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