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What is IOSH training and why is it important in health and safety?

Health and safety laws apply to all businesses, no matter their size. This is why it is important for businesses to hire the right professionals to ensure that they have appropriate procedures and precautions in place to protect their employees and avoid legal problems. 


One way to ensure your health and safety professionals are fully equipped to prevent hazards in the workplace is to ensure that they undertake IOSH training. 


What is IOSH training?


IOSH, otherwise known as the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health is the largest health and safety membership body in the world. IOSH is committed to ensuring that global work practises are safe, healthy and sustainable, working with over 44,000 members in 99 countries. 


IOSH training courses are designed to help people stay healthy and safe at work regardless of job type or industry. The courses aim to combine current theoretical knowledge with practise, this means that the participant, once qualified, can ensure that the health and safety practices within their workplace are effective, up-to-date and well managed. 


How long is IOSH valid for?


Management of health and safety within a workplace is an ongoing process, practises and procedures need to be updated as your business and legislation changes.  As your business grows you will likely have new employees, machines, working methods and even premises to consider. 


Due to this, although the IOSH managing safety course is valid indefinitely, certificate holders are required to attend a refresher course every three years to keep on top of industry changes. 


Is OSHA or IOSH better?


IOSH and OSHA are completely different types of organisations. As mentioned previously, IOSH is a membership organisation for health and safety professionals all over the world. On the other hand, OSHA is an American standards government agency, similar to HSE.


With regards to other course providers, NEBOSH courses are a higher level qualification than IOSH as they are designed for health and safety professionals who are seeking a career specifically within the health and safety industry. Whereas IOSH are better suited to those who are employees or managers that are not specific to health and safety. 


What is an IOSH course?


There are two IOSH training courses available, these are Working Safely and Managing Safely.


IOSH Working Safely Course 


This course is aimed at all employees and covers the fundamentals of health and safety in the workplace. Working Safely is a one day course that looks at individuals responsibilities for health and safety, workplace hazards and how to control them. 


IOSH Managing Safely Course


The Managing Safely course is a three day course for managers and supervisors. It aims to equip them with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to manage health and safety within their teams. The course covers responsibilities for health and safety, hazard identification, assessing and controlling risk, measuring performance and accident investigation. Managing Safely should give managers the confidence to implement health and safety procedures and monitor the performance of the culture within the business.  


Keeping your health and safety training up to date is paramount to ensure that you and your team are equipped to prevent and manage the risk of potential hazards.  Regular training and refresher sessions are recommended.

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